NM PUGs in my world kinda suck. Same core players, some of which are too OP to make it enjoyable and spell team with a silent 'I'. Kinda pathetic. 


A few of the guys I play with on NM just destroy everything in their path (One in particular has 3300+ Prestige) a couple have 2800+.  All in America though which is why I have to PUG until a certain time at night.  

I find that if you take the time to do 1 treasure room, by the time you come back out the zone is cleared.  I spend most of the time praying to the RNG gods for it NOT to be "my door".

At least it's a good mix of games.


When NM first came out I took Avvar in to try it out and got destroyed.  So long ago....

I went into multiplayer the first time after seeing tons of those "weekend event going on right now" message while I was playing single player.   After I played a few days with my lego, archer, and keeper, I discovered that I have free chests.  One of those contains an Avvar outfit!   New agent!   Took him out to Routine and got destroyed.   Hated Avvar ever since... until like a few months ago when I started reading the Avvar thread and L2P. :P


Avvar and Necromancer are my favourite characters now