I plan to play as a Surana who specializes as an Arcane Warrior. The thing is, most Arcane Warrior builds that I see out there involve turning a mage into a pure tank which I don't want to do since I want to play as a spellsword - Using a weapon and casting spells. 

My question is what kind of armor should I wear ? Origins have 5 kind of armor :- Robes (not exactly armor), light armor, medium armor, heavy armor and massive armor. 

I have been thinking of using medium armor or even light armor so that Surana can cast spells and use a weapon but is it effective or will an Arcane Warrior equipped with medium armor or light armor go down too easily ?

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I'd reccomend the Wade's superior dragonskin set.  it has negative fatigue, addiitonal mana regen aswell as armor. 




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The last few AW's I played used robes with mage damage gloves, mage dodge or defense boots, and Helm of Honnleath.  You can get a good armor rating without equipping armor.  You can leave a good fatigue bonus / mana regen armor set in inventory if you think you will need it.  Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale w/ Evon's as the chest is good.

The thing with AW is that it is most powerful with a staff in its hand so anything that buffs spellpower and keeps fatigue very low is what you want in general.  I run staff as weapon set 1 and then sword dagger or dagger dagger as set two.  Then I flip on Combat Magic and switch weapon sets after using most of the mana pool if I want to stab things.

edit: example of numbers

Archon Robes: free,  0.75 health regen, +3 armor, +2 spellpower

Helm of Honnleath: free, 4.50 armor, +2 all stats

Magus War Boots: free, +12 defense, 2.25 armor

Rock Armor: up to +12.25 armor

20% Damage Gloves: free, 1.33 armor

Lifegiver: not free, +3 armor, +10 con, +3 health regen

Shimmering Shield: +15 armor

Add on more defense and dodge from Arcane Shield, CM / Aura / Fade Shroud.

Alternatively Reaper's Vestments for +12 armor.

With Wade's Superior Heavy and Evon's you end up with something like 50 armor after buffs, which is really high but not really necessary.

-This evidence is irrefutable.
Some spells can be cast with your weapon drawn.

The ones I know for sure...

Arcane Bolt
Heroic Offense
Heroic Defense
Heroic Aura
Flaming Weapons
Frost Weapons
Group Heal (Spirit Healer)

I'm pretty sure Combat Magic and Shimmering Shield qualify as well, but I'd have to check.

The wiki has a whole section on it: "Arcane Warrior Spellcasting"

Heavy/Massive armors have high fatigue, so each spell is more expensive.

If you only want to cast spells while your sword is out, then those armors should do just fine.

But if you want to cast spells even if you have to sheath your weapon, then medium or light arnor is better, since your spells won't be as expensive.

You'll just need to use Shimmering Shield more often and have plenty of lyrium potions on hand for the longer battles.