Well no Zevran can't have a fade bonus, which is why I already mentioned that Zev cannot beat a DW rogue warden in terms of damage contribution. And I have elsewhere acknowledged that DW warrior can beat 2H comfortably when it comes to dps, at least in my experience. So in terms of party damage contribution DW is the winner. And sure DW rogue can do extra things like stealth and two DW rogues with master stealth owns the battle field everytime. But a warrior can taunt and threaten and have maximum magic protection a lot earlier than rogues, though you may argue rogues with stealth do not need magic protection, and I found life far easier for a DW warrior than for a DW rogue at least in the beginning. Actually since I'm playing a strength rogue this time, I found life a whole lot easier in the beginning than when I was playing a dex rogue.

2H takes time to become a proper damage dealer and double haste somewhat remedy the problem of slow attack, but obviously DW rogues will benefit far more, since their attack speed will become phenomenal. So I can see why you have no patience for 2H and that's why it took me so long to try one out, but I like the immunity stun pretty appealing if I decide to go for a warrior. So well, each to their own. The point was you can still have a good working team when your main is 2H and not everyone wants to be a rogue no matter how great you are in terms of damage dealing or the extra utility you can have. Having said that now I learned that rally interferes with stealth, I will probably not play a warrior or just don't bother with a champion spec

In terms of having to rely on a rogue, I pretty much love clicking on Zevran so that's not an issue for me. In fact the one thing I don't like when playing a rogue is I tend to click on Zevran less. During the battle, I take over a lot whoever needs to be taken over. Morrigan, Zevran, Alistair, Stenn and Lel come with no tactic slots in the beginning and the warden's second priority is tactic slots. Persuasion skills can wait and I don't care if I end up with a pretty low score in that department. All the skill tomes tend to go to Morrigan since the party needs funds and after that she needs more tactic slots. In fact I play as Morrigan more often than as a warden. Towards the end, however, I just switch on possessed and watch the show. It's pretty damn satisfying when that happens. I've used respec in the past but only with Morrigan and a few companions from Karmas companion mod when I used the mod. It just feels wrong so I'm not doing that any more.

I do realize Cailan's armor is great and it seems to be made for a strength rogue, with its backstab bonus and 20% dosge. When you upgrade it as a massive armor, you can have a whooping 41 armor protection with just a lifegiver ring and the stamina cost is still pretty reasonable. Since a rogue cannot have a night commander's armor, I'm going to try that one on this round, currently waiting for it to be upgraded to the 7th tier. However, my 2H did not have a stamina issue even when he had three passive modes switched on at all times and did not invest a single point into willpower. I think there were just two occasions where his indomitable came off towards the end of the battle and after that I turned off threaten when I had to take Wynne out of the team. I hate it when the game forces a companion into the team, because I have a nice working team that is leveling together with a warden and then whoever is out will fall behind because I have to take on someone I don't want to.