I was travelling through Orzammar today and got this: Leliana "You know, after all this is over, I wouldn't mind getting a job here. I could sing, tell stories, help the king get items from high shelves..."

Everything Morrigan says :)


I just started the game for the second time and  i play a City Elf now. In the scene after everything goes out of hand with Shianni hitting the human, there is a little squirrel in the background looking all out of place. It is positioned between Duncan and the Elder and is just wiggling its nose looking up and down...hilarious...


"Are you alive?Does that mean i still have to marry you?"

That line defined my Warden personality


"Can i get you a ladder?So you can get of my back?"

"Looks like someone wants to die.Again"

"Don't we have better things to do?Killing things perhaps?"

"Foolish creature! It should know better than to attack!"

"Hmmm, a beast. Let's maul it"

"Now that's a big lizard... Kill it!"

"Hmph! Why can't the dead stay in the ground where they belong?"

"Oh, this is a nasty one."

"Bet you i can kill it in two blows."

And others