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By Anonymous
HALP! This skill does not work. I have created my own custom character and have access to source yet it remains dimmed and unusable in my hot bar?

What am I missing?!?
Thanks in advance
By Anonymous
It only works once you remove the Source Collar. Talk to Duggan and Leya after you've rescued a particular NPC
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By eolsunder
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you also actually need to have source saved up to use it. Access to source and having source, 2 different things.
By Anonymous
Everyone praising this must be playing on normal.

Level 19 ok tactical with 10 in geo and 10 in hydro = you’re still getting your **** pushed in
By Anonymous
Addendum: I���m wrong.
I was thinking about the side street fights when the mobs are 3 levels higher than you.
By Anonymous
dome of protection + mend metal + guardian angel on your tank with high leadership
By Anonymous
only time warp is better (sometimes)
By Anonymous
You must be playing on normal Difficulty. You try relying on this at level 19 on tactical and you’ll get your **** pushed in.
By Anonymous
Bugged as all things in this game. In tooltip description it shows different numbers, like it should scale with hydro and geo but not