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By Anonymous
Is there anywhere on the wiki about the roundtable hold after burning that? I've done it and Roderika wants me to talk master Hewg into leaving but if that's scripted and he does how I upgrade any more weapons this playthrough? is it a case of upgrading what I think I'll use as high as I can right now and commit to it by talking him into leaving? I'm also not sure if I should talk to Gideon in case I trigger something and the same goes for Enia but I'm at Farum Azula and I need to talk to her to buy more Radahn's spear great arrows. Does anyone know exactly what I should or shouldn't do here now? I can see into their room and the two fingers are both sticking up in the air so something is definitely up with them at least..
By Anonymous
I do not think you can convince him to leave the Roundtable, having exhausted his dialogues and all, I didn't have the possibility. Might have missed something though.
You can talk to Enia and Gideon, you will still be able to buy stuff from Enia, and Gideon still has things to say to his fellow Tarnished ;)
By Anonymous
I did not fight any bosses except for a few low Level ones in limgrave and got teleported after using the teleport portal next to the third church of marika and resting at a site of grace next to black blade kindred.
(Everything there basically one hits me lol)
Have never encountered Margit ^^
By Anonymous
YOu can still be asked to go to roundtable hold if you immediately go to fort farroth site of grace
By Anonymous
I just noticed that when you get to Leyndell before you unlock the roundtable hold, melian wont teleport you over.
By Anonymous
It mentions specific grace points in Caelid, but I also believe that it was intentional for you to be invited after talking to D and him telling you about going to bestial sanctum. If you go here, then Melina asks you if you wish to go the Roundtable Hold. This is probably due to the fact that you have connected to a member of the Roundtable through your own means, and it rewards you for following that same member's advice.
By Anonymous
You dont actually need to talk to any Round Table Hold members before getting access to the Round Table Hold,You just need to rest in sites of grace,
I rested in the grace just right outside the starting grave,The church of elleh,The grace where melina gives you torrent,Went back to elleh got the spirit bell,The grace before Margits fight,at that point you should be able to get melina to offer you an invitation to the roundtable hold.
By Anonymous
If you are going for a minimal path run, do you have to enter the roundholdtable at all? I know that when Melina ask you to go there is only one option, but you can still press cancel and let her take you later. But is there a point later in the game when you are required to do so?
By Anonymous
You have to talk to the Two Fingers in order for the door behind the Draconic Tree Sentinel to open, I believe, even if you have 2 runes.
By Anonymous
worst hub, It feels wrong
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Not the worst but it's far from the best. I think DeS's is worse purely because the monumental waste of time you have to do every freaking NG cycle to go talk to the brat up top. It also just doesn't feel very welcoming. Interesting? Yes. But not a place I vibe with personally.
By Anonymous
Can we get a MTV cribs episode on the roundtable?
By Anonymous
You can also get first time Access to the Table by defeating Tibia-Mariner (The Undead Boatsmen on your way to caelid)
By Anonymous
The main difference between these 2 round tables is that the one in Leyndell gets a throne instead of 2 fingers at the same location. Maybe Godfrey was once there.
By Anonymous
Both have thrones. The Two Fingers are just in front of them.
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