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By Anonymous
This plus pulley crossbow and land all 3 shots=sleepy time
By Anonymous
i heard this works on the godskin duo? which one to sleep using pulley xbow?
By Anonymous
You should really put the big guy to sleep using a bow or another xbow. The second hit via pulley xbow will cause the sleep effect, but the third will wake him up.
By Anonymous
I thought these would be awesome w/ the pulley bow, but unfortunately due to how sleep works as a mechanic it seems be be detrimental sometimes. For example, for most giants I found they are susceptible to sleep. However, trying to use the pulley xbow to apply it to them, the second shot inflicts the effect and the third "wakes them up" and disables the effect. Unfortunate.
By Anonymous
yeah you basically have to stop after every sleep attack to see if it's triggered or not. Makes it pretty pointless.
By Anonymous
I tried for PVP, it is useless. They get affected sleep status but they wakeup like 1second.
By Anonymous
On the contrary, my friend, having someone literally asleep in mid-combat for even a second could be the setup you need. Sleep will also destroy FP bars, giving you an excellent counter to all those Moonveil, Rivers of Blood and wizard builds we've all been killed by at least once. It has tasty combo potential too.

My favourite is a barrage of sleep bolts from the Pulley Crossbow, followed by the One-Eyed Shield. It's quite a treat.
By Anonymous
Colossal Sword in the right hand, pulley crossbow in the left. Colossal Sword has Giant Hunt Ash of War.
Crouching onehanded Stab into pulley sleepvolley into Giant Huint. After the crouching stab, this is all guaranteed in PvP.
By Anonymous
* casual pvp noob, 1 second is an eternity in combat, kill yourself
By Anonymous
If you want to put enemy to sleep, use bow! NOT crossbow, especially rulley crossbow.

Reason: (1) st. Trina arrow can be purchased infinitely..... (2) pulley crossbow can put enemy to sleep & wake it up in a single volley....
By Sleepyroad_tv
What vendor sells infinite st Trina arrows. Only vendor I found that sold them had x20.
By Anonymous
I don���t think there is infinite sleep arrows, bolts or grease selling. And if you wanna go the crafting path, the drop chance for the flower is so low it���s not worth it, frustrating really
By Anonymous
This might be accurate for PvE but for PvP most people run 200-300 focus so most of the time if all 3 connect they will be put to sleep on the last one.
By Anonymous
Damn, these are only renewable through painful farming? I guess i will have to put my opponents to sleep with my awfull pvp skills