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By Anonymous
Gore Magala
By Anonymous
And I though astalos looked cool, this is now my favorite monster
By Anonymous
Gore Magala is NOT an Elder Dragon, it's a ??? monster, it can be trapped and captured, it only becomes an Elder Dragon upon it's ascension into Shagaru Magala. I would fix this myself however I have personal reasons for my dislike of making a Fextralife account, apologies.

By Anonymous
I have changed things without making an account.
By Anonymous
Not an elder dragon, but ???. Dunno why the wiki is inaccurate, guess that's Fextralife for ya.
By Anonymous
Because it’s clearly an Elder Dragon.

It can’t be captured, and is the adolescent form of S. Magala. It’s an Elder Dragon. They just never updated the ???
By Anonymous
Uh dear bozo, it can be captured
Honk honk
By Anonymous
this mf cheats whenever one is a victim of wall slide attacks and Freedom Unite Nargacuga mentality. fix yo’ **** Capcom!
By Anonymous
Design is amazing but F this fight, this was iceborne barioth levels of annoying.
By Anonymous
My first Gore Magala was a large golden crown. He was GIGANTIC but his size makes most of his body attacks miss if standing under him and made the fight kinda a cakewalk
By Anonymous
2101.27 LGC