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By Anonymous
All you have to do to make this guy's physics-denying quick draw completely irrelevant is to block both strikes just as quickly as he swings them. With a little practice, you can block his attacks without fail, showing that no matter how many laws of physics a single samurai can break at once, you can break them faster.
By Anonymous
I found a cheese to this boss fight. All you need is the ichimonji double. Use it whenever he isn't striking and after the monji, he won't attack you again unless you mess up. So, you can continue to ichimonji him until his marker appears and reset him. After the first deathblow, allow yourself to be killed so he puts his sword back in the sheath. Then, revive and do the ichimonji double until his next marker appears. And that's the fight.
Note: This strat also works for the first ashina elite boss as well so hopefully someone at fextra can test this out and use this on the site.
By Anonymous
Use your own ashina cross on him. Keep spacing it as soon as he's in range and you will do yours first. Then either double dodge back or get ready to deflect his, after which dodge back once. Repeat until dead.
By Anonymous
This guy is sooo easy, you just run diagonally to the left, then when you're behind him hit him twice and back off, rinse and repeat. No brainpower required.
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