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By Anonymous
Mobility stat should be removed, its a formula based on total weight and blood code what mobility type you have not inherent in the weapon itself, perhaps replace it with weight.
By Xchicken
No it's not. Both total weight and blood code have an effect on mobility but the mobility is the main factor
By Anonymous
Anon is correct. The weight of the sword is relevant, but the "mobility" per weapon is irrelevant (and misleading/incorrect) for the wiki. The "mobility" stat that is displayed for a weapon is not based on the weapon itself, it depends on what armor, veil, and code you have paired with the weapon (max weight divided by total weight). The reason it is shown on the weapon details in-game is simply to allow you to easily see your mobility when swapping weapons. So for instance, you can choose a weapon for slot 1 that will give you normal mobility, and a weapon for slot 2 light enough to give you quick mobility.
By Anonymous
the argent wolf weapons can be obtained from the white knights in the final area
By Anonymous
The Argent Wolf Sword can actually be obtained MUCH earlier. There's a white knight in the Dried Up Trenches that one can farm for a sword. I got one by luck super early.
By Anonymous
Wish the queenslayer blade was A bit better :c
By Anonymous
If you like queenslayer I recommend argent wolf blade, even though its an endgame weapon it's very similar but far superior imo.
By Anonymous
The argent wolf blade is dropped by a Cerberus soldier in the dried up trenches
By Anonymous
If all of this one handed swords fully upgraded which one is the better.
My main focus is physical.
By Anonymous
Pipe of Thralldom.

Jokes aside, I'm actually using the trusty pipe (more accurately, Pipe of the Thunderbolt +10 Devour because Devour is good for the pipe and the Thunderbolt pipe is my favourite for looks) in my current Heimdall build. Quick mobility, high Light scaling and a deathwish gives my Pipe over a 10x increase in damage and the ability to dodge things provided I don't overextend too badly
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By SGT-SuperGames
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Important Notes about Pierce Damage:

On Weapons, you'll notice there is no Pierce only weapon or a weapon with Pierce listed first, it is always listed second. You only do Pierce damage when you do a thrusting attack. For most weapons, it's the Dodge while standing still to Light Attack Thrust and the Combo Button + Light Attack Thrust. A few weapons may have a thrust as their charged heavy. What this means, is that you generally do not need to take the Pierce Damage Resistance of bosses into account for your melee weapon, unless you plan on thrusting them to death. You can effectively only consider Crush and Slash when choosing weapons for bosses.

For Gifts however, this is where Pierce can be the primary damage source from an offensive spell and you should take the Pierce Damage Resistance of bosses into account when selecting caster loadouts.
By Anonymous
My one question.
Why must we master the pipe?
By Anonymous
Because you haven't lived until you've felled the most deadly monsters in the game with a blunt metal stick.

Also, you get some arguably cooler metal sticks as a reward for doing so.