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Anyone still need help farming these or would like to help me? Seriously struggling. GT- Br3n1029
Sent you a message, but if not send me one my GT is above
I need help farming all pvp items on ps4 ID: ragnarok211995
Shinracorp88 I'm farming all the covenants
Need help with a vertebrae shackle farm, Xbox GT: VeniceKing719


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Nee'td help to farm thou'st shackles? or thy need satisfy the urge to contend to a foe PvP style?

steam code:1013759832
gives me conniptions
Need help farming these shackles. Ps4 PSN: Taken_XXVI message me here or on ps app if you can help
Shinracorp88 psn
Looking to farm shackles and pale tongue
why is one of the most fun pyro spells locked behind this farm pool
Based on 489 kills and 24 drops at 411 item discovery, and assuming a bernoulli process, the 95% clopper-pearson confidence interval for drop rate is 0.77 to 1.76%.
Loooking for help farming these
Steam code: 212636818
added you under the name archiveangel