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Anything lorewise on why Lothric castle and the high wall is named after Lothric rather than Lorian? Or is Lothric named after the castle since he is a young pringe and the wall and castle look very old? Or is the wall and castle fairly new..?
Lothric is the family name. Kingdoms usually take the name of the ruling family. So Lothric could be his first name, as it was also tradition to take a name after a city when one ascends to the throne. Or he was never given one as he was being raised for the sole purpose of being set on fire. The wall and castle are named after the kingdom, which is named after the family.
"Rise, if you would... For that is our curse." the way you say it sir dunno about your brother but something else will surely rise
huh never thought i would get my *** kicked 8 times by a guy who carnt walk
8 times dang took me like 20 lol it was stupid i swear their rng always made it to where they would just spam a very unpredictable teleport pattern
i just used the phantom I had with me as a sacrifice to absorb the attacks

this was my last attempt at them i used the phantom and i finally beat them

damn lothric you sure know how to kick my ***
I can't be the only one to think they're harder than nameless king. Especially in higher new game cycles
Dude this boss was the only one that took me a literal week to finally beat his rng always made him teleport non stop after that once i got to ng + it was much easier and then when i got to ng +3 it was plain impossible for me he would one shot me repeatedly with little effort that made me quit ds for a while



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I killed these suckers first try with my onslaught of phantoms
Ah yes, the summoner class
is it really that fun anymore if you just use a bunch of phantoms?
noob confirmed
This cheater hit trough the pillars ...
that's what all mobs do its the pillars_walls fault not the bosses's fault
fromsoft for ya
Two brothers bonding through burning and beating the **** out of me well if I’m helping them get along I guess me dying did something good
As a level 30 pyro twinkie, this fight is REALLY rough. If anyone else is in the same situation, i recommending allotting a TON of estus into ashen (I did 12 ashen, 3 regular estus), then spamming chaos bed w/ flame orb to maximize FP usage. The slow casts of your spells gives you VERY little room to attack, so you have to be incredibly patient & have a cool head during this fight.
What they left the caslte? They are right there at the castle highest tower!
the homo bros