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Vae victis!
Kindred, this blade and I!
very rare? I just got it randomly at Grand Archives and dropped by a hollowed slave when I was trying to speedrun to the boss lol
just because something is very rare doesn't mean it can't happen when not forced by something like farming
You just got lucky
Lol im at my 2nd i the only one who gets flamberge almost every time i kill a flamberge wielding thrall?i got like 4 of them wo even farming
Nah I swear I'm not joking
Give me one 7w7
What the hell is wrong with the WA damage on this thing? It deals pretty much the same damage as an UGS
Its motion value is in its r2 wa is about as high as a stomp weapon art weapon's heavy
Hodrick when he found this : *Boss music starts to play *

The players who were with him : alright , we are f***ed


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really hard to farm this omg
if you've got decently fast load times, it's probably faster to farm the thrall where the cleric set is. you can jump up the little ledge if you walk up on the dodgy clipping of the tombstones, and from there it's a short walk to the thrall. usually ~20 second reset times w/ a bone/csf (on ps5 load times), which was much faster for me


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Thanks for tip. I’m one of those people that got lucky with a PS5 on release.
This is the strongest weapon I'm the game by far. Or at least according to hodrick after he one taps me with it at ng7, like dude I had 2000 health