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Sadly for Guts, Artorias is a million time better... thanks to Guts lol
cant people like both of them equally
i have no idea about you guys but the best story of dark souls is the tragedy of Artorias and his loyal companion SIf, they went through so much between the wars and the building of the new world and when Manus was awoken by Kaathe Artorias and Sif were sent to combat him. the neverending battle destroyed Artorias mind body and soul and with his last sane thought he protected his loyal beautiful friend SIf, and when he died Manus took his body and filled it with darkness. leading to the time when you fight him in the Colliseum
Artorias wasn't sent by anyone... he went in the abyss by himself also Manus didn’t kill Artorias... the chosen undead killed him Artorias was only corrupted when we first meet him not dead
no you have to look at the lore. Artorias was killed by Manus and then using his skill and body corrupted it. and "sent" was just a word used to convey that they were the ones who went to confront Manus.
Manus only defeated and corrupted Artorias no where in their lore say that Manus kill him or toke over the knight body. The player kill Artorias. You are the one making up new lores.
artorias its time to let go of your burden to hold the abyss and rest

if not for the world but for those you care for sif and Ciaran

i promised sif I would bring you back to him and that's just what ill do
This is so cringe... Artorias and Ciaran was only friends...
I honestly don’t understand that ship, When we meet Ciaran she call Artorias a friend yet some people ship them.
what a fu() king edgelord
im just going to ignore this comment its bad and makes no sense
wow you guess are really tearing this person comment apart
I think artorias is fromsoftwares. favourite character for some reason
Artorias is better than Gael. For two simple reasons.

1 artorias has friends And someone who loves him of their own choice

2 artorias tried to save the world he was willing to put his life in danger so that maybe the world could live another day
That someone who loves him is not supposed to be in love with him since Gough dialogues was cut... it was cut for a reason.
People are forcing Artorias into someone he most likely had no feeling for... I feel bad for him
they never state artorias never loved her also the line was cut for the reason why would Hawkeye know of her feelings it doesn't make sense

people despise the idea of anything nice or wholesome in darksouls like love so it makes sense why everyone hates the idea fromsoftware implied it

the line was cut due to it making no sense in the lore that hawkeye knew anything about the two of them so its up to the people to say yes or no
They never stated that Artorias had feeling for her too, she call him a friend therefore they were only friends, if they were more than friends she would have call him her lover or husband, fromsoftware would have make sure we know they were a couple, only fromsoftware know why they cut the dialogue, you don’t
Remember that Gouch work with Ciaran so he could have notice something or she might have told him about her feeling.
is artorias still a fan favorite character I cant tell if hes loved or hated probly hated
Why do you think he’s hated?
Let me guess, because we don’t ship like you we hate Artorias
erm i don't ship artorias with anyone so where's that come from wrong person dumbass
You are the dumbass for not answering question when ask
the last few comments are pure cancer change my mind
This comment make you cancer too lol :)
toxic souls the new name of dark souls
You are as toxic as everyone else with this comment, good job.
and so are you :)
artorias for smash brothers ?
Him, Gael or Solaire could actually work
to put a person in this comment section in their place stop shipping artorias and Ciaran they are not in love at best they are simply friends
I wish people would stop to ship them, they were only friends, sadly people ship them because of Gouch cut dialogue so people logic goes (if Ciaran had feeling for him, Artorias automatically had feeling for her too) I believe Artorias had no feeling for her but that’s my believe.
fair what I think their relationship is this type of relationship

This describes a relationship or friendship that can be intimate and loving but doesn't involve physical, emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction or interactions

do people forget this type of relationship exists or somthing ?
if people ship the two its fine with me just as long as you remember its their head cannon not actually in cannon
If Ciaran and Artorias were more than friend shouldn’t have call him a friend but her husband
dude your a idiot you can love someone and not be in a proper relationship its called a Platonic relationship search it