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You forgot to add "Spear silver knites can't hit you while using stretch out"



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It's true- works agaisnt the spear knight, all his attacks don't work. I tried it myself, but you gotta be stretched all the way.
What sword looks best for a silver knight cosplay?
Wrong. Very wrong.
Astora SS.
Smough's Hammer
Anri's Shortsword
Not a sword but the greatlance looks pretty spiffy
Ledo's greathammer
You can get their shield, bow, and armor set, but not the sword or spear? I feel like Fromsoft is taunting us.
I sure has some fun in the catacombs/tomb of giants with that silver knight's such a shame they didn't include it on be able to see it in action, it's so close to grasp, but will forever be out of hand's reach...
Gives me conniptions
i was wearing full havel armor and that silver knight with the straight sword knocks me down and flattens me... yep this game is *******
Maybe try dodging?
Poise only activates during certain moves in dark souls 3. Although I tried unflattering prayer and was getting knocked around by them as well, I could try with wolf ring +3 and full havels to see if it is even possible to poise through their attacks.
Guess I didn't pick up havels, So I tried winged knight as the highest poise I have, and wolf + 3 ring, and unflattering prayer, The silver knight spear was breaking through it, but the silver knight with the broadsword I was able to poise through. That was with 48.35 poise and what ever else unflattering prayer adds to it, tried to cast al long enough spell to quickly look at stats, but the game doesn't add to visible poise to the stats screen.
Git gud scrub



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Dark Souls 3 has practically no poise at all.
Those two silver knights after the first anor londo bonfire makes for great soul farming. equip shield of want and mimic head and each silver knight gives 4500 souls, 9k souls ez in a minute.
Agree. Add in the Red-eyed Knight a little further on and you add even more. Easy way to pay off the Dark Sigils
Less effort clearing the spider things next door. You get more than 5k not having anything boosting discovery. Just reset and do over.
Equip the silver serpent ring (any version) and you can get more than that
Just with a dagger and quick step makes it very easy in a one-to-one.
What is the percent chance that they drop Proof of a Concord Kept? Been farming for 3 hours and they haven't dropped any yet
Dude u need 100 luck plus, Avarice, both silver and gold serpent ring and 2 sage rapier. Plus rusted bronze coin.
It's 1% because why not. Means with 400 item discovery you need to kill an average of 750 knights for 30 proofs. Once you have 400 item discovery this should take around 7 hours or so. Have fun!
Well I've just been farming their weapons for half an hour...
black knight > silver knight
Hoow dare you sir !?
Black knights are better.
Well to be fair, they're both weak af, so it doesn't matter whos stronger or weaker
After having seen millions of silver knights while farming for proof of a Concord kept, I have to agree