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Why is there no link to Covenants on this page?
Why is it that I can not summon anyone to an area in which I have already defeated a boss
Because this game sucks. You should return it.
If you've already beat the boss, you're probably too high level.
Summoning players into your world only works when there's a boss to defeat. Once the boss has been defeated,, you're free to run around Embered but no summon signs or invasions will happen.
its bs mechanic we know... I wonder that too.. It would of been to still summon and incpvade places where the boss has been defeated... or at least have these areas be available to all levels for invasions and summons.. The only area that is "optional" is Undead Settlememt with Curserotted Greatwood and Archdragon Peak with Nameless King Untended Graves and Consumed Kings Garden but both those places are awful for pvp..well except that little area in the Garden with the circle arena thats pretty cool but didnt get used as a fight club..
I think it's because of summoning reds to fight
You guys should make an app for smart phones
i have a simple solution for you : "git gud" mate ^^
Pois not working !!!!! ?
Wow, so apparently I have to play this game offline if I don't want to be invaded every two seconds. Getting cut off from multiplayer means I can't call for help or be summoned but I can still be invaded. That's stupid and it makes me not want to play the game anymore. DS2 sucked too. Only good one is DS1.
I wish I had bought a hard copy, at least that way I could return it and get my money back. Digital download is such a ripoff.
Need anything else, princess? should the bosses be removed from the game too? its dark souls, you get invaded, quit *****ing...
I wish the whiners like you would all quit, then maybe they wouldn't ruin pvp for true fans of the series. You complain about invaders but say nothing about how horrible it is for them when you can have 4 phantoms, the level trying to kill them, and they have 30% less health.
Haha noob
Players have the right to not want to be invaded. We should all enjoy this game as we see fit. Not everyone enjoys killing players cause there bored on the games nocs
All you do is go un embered. Cant be invaded unless you use or r embered. My god understand the game befor rating it
Get gud
Git gud r-tard
fe fi fo fum i smell the blood of a casul
Git gud you fxcking filthy casual
everytime i killed a casul like u it makes me feel so good, git gud boi
U play offline the entire game , you need help or want to help others you leave game to main page log on , then load game, right next to a boss . The game can be changed to offline under the options screen. After your helped or have helped others go back to main screen you are back offline
I might feel a shred of agreement if there weren't 2 different methods of dealing with this problem. (Don't ember, which is what I do, or play offline) Also, how does this make DS1 the only good one, it had an identical system.
yes, the only good one IS ds1. But not because you get INVADED. ALL of them have invaders. The real issue would be gankers, or people who hide behind enemies.
Do you know that you can kill invaders ? Probably no XD
I for one love the challenge. Love invasions, love invading. Dont mind being killed, dont mind killing. There are ways to avoid invasions. Dont ember. But it can be annoying. Like being called into a room full of cheap posers who cant do it on thier own so they collect a group of people to gang up. Sissies. And i wish there were more options for gear. And the lag, the times i died on lag alone. But each thier own. Maybe research a game before purchase. And wow people, so mean. So when you all started playing on day one, you were an automatic pro? Doubtful. What happened to the word rookie? Oh yeah, and people who think staying low lvl run to end just to overpower themselves. Love killing those cowards. Have fun all. Dont hate. Sound like 2nd graders. Happy gaming.
Ever heard about the miracle seek guidance? You won't get invaded, can still do some jolly cooperation and quit bitching about what makes the soul series so great. Namely the challenge
Why don't u get off dark souls3then don't play the others because you'll end up crying again on 1 boss and an invader comes along and kills u git gud
Why cant a giant Oreo cookie be a burial gift?
would make the fight against Aldritch way to easy
well don't forget the c4, the cookie alone won't kill him.
Yup they would have to make the picle pee crows sell them
Anyone playing now?