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Deprived Class:
Dark Souls 1 - Level 6 / Stats 11
Dark Souls 2 - Level 1 / Stats 6
Dark Souls 3 - Level 1 / Stats 10
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I ended up preferring this class to the others, even when another class would be better tailored to what I want to end up pulling off in the earlier game. It's not that difficult once you're used to the game, and I like that it starts out balanced and reasonably not-trash at every stat. Gives you some leeway if you want to modify your stats a bit later on
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oooooh baby those free 10 levels in vigor feels so nice
By Anonymous
rosaria's boyfriend ,mmm you like my tongue dont you
By Anonymous
For some reason, I get my butt whooped when starting with the other classes but with Deprived I just go full Conan on everyone’s asses.
By Anonymous
1st time playing game and i picked this ****, class too op
By Anonymous
nothing feels better than resurrecting as a cave man to terrorize the lands
By Anonymous
Bonk man supreme
By Anonymous
This class is too op From Soft plz nerf
By Anonymous
Weird comments in this section.

Deprived allows you to switch builds easily and be 95% as effective with them as their most optimized class. Look, at SL 125 a deprived can use the Prisoner's Chain and have 40 VIG, 40 END, 33 VIT, 66 STR in addition to 10 in every other stat. That's a potent Strength build right there. Or at that same SL the deprived can have 40 VIG, 34 ATT, 40 END, 15 VIT and 60 INT with 10 in the remaining stats. Now you've got a legitimate Sorcerer build.

Deprived can't min max but it can do everything well, which is suitable for players who don't want multiple characters.
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