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i need help with twin princes
what system are you on?
Looking for some folks to play with. I am glad to help anyone out. My PSN ID is Beyond_apsis
Willing to help anyone I can. I'm around soul level 95, so I'm no god, but I can help with irithyll of the boreal valley area or any area before that. Other than that, I have to Lothric Castle bonfire and the Irithyll dungeon and profaned capital bonfires.

Feel free to add me on steam: BenStro
is there any chance that you might have a cat ring i missed it in my first playthrough and im at the point where i want to start invading and i have everything else that i need but i just dont feel like doing NG+ right now just for one item
I need help with Soul of Cinder
still need help? psn is The_Duke_MK44
im looking for anyone willing to give me a cat ring and a untrue dark ring for ds3 im not sure what i could give you in return but ive been playing these games for a while and i am willing to help anyone with anything that they might need help with
I can give u everything psn is the_duke_mk44
I play ds3 and may need help from time to time and will gladly help also with all aspects of the game
Hey I need some help farming for V shackles and proof of concords. Would you be interested
Can anyone give me dlc stuff and souls
can somebody help me with ariandel and give me an unupgraded drakeblood greatsword pls psn is The_Duke_MK44
Trying to find a gif support site for the game any suggestions , psw 420
Coop ds3 on ps4?