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The assassin is a bad class for optimization purposes. For DEX/INT builds, sorcerer is best for example. So this class could be useful for a very hybrid class, or for very specific weapons, such as maybe a blood murky hand scythe...
And also the hollow and poison versions of murky hand scythe, the crystal and the Lightning versions. Regarding a SL100/120 build. Of course, assassin can be a good starter for certain low level builds.
Why the downvotes? This is very true
For a lot of people the assassin is a bad class and some thinks a true the start-level-ups are pretty expensive , but its good class for Dex/Int builds and the estoc is a pretty good starting weapon because its fast and thrust can be pretty useful . I recommend a lightning-infusion .
they say it's bad but speedrun-er say no
they say it's bad but speedrun-er say no
pve speedrun/low lvl pvp class
pretty fun if you played as wanderer in ds1 or swordmaster in ds2
a shame only scimitar and pontiff knight curved sword have that funny moveset of backflip for kick and swag parry for heavy attack when on left hand
fashion matches the old versions by changing the chest piece to black hand armor
black hand armor and head piece are alternative version of this set anyway, lacking their own legging/hands and showing right at the side of it in the shrine maiden store/in the player inventory
I like this class, this is the 2nd class I beat the game with. I used a claymore and magic buffs. Lightning claymore, fire claymore, magic claymore etc. Fun build, fun class, would recommend
the worst starting class is also the most fun one. hmmmmm
i take it back, i just counted the stats points and it’s not even that bad. i guess not being disgustingly op = bad to this community lol