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Her voice is so ****ing sexy



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Yeah heres orbeck's ashes *sobbing*
I love how if this hyper-aggressive bimbo dies during the final fight despite getting the lord of hollows ending all the work you put into her questline is worthless and she shows back up at firelink perfectly fine to remind you that you should have just killed her anyway. Sorry Yuria, not dying and wasting another ember to fight that boss again all because you don't know when to back off and heal yourself.


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If she's your only summon for SoC, you can just quit the game instead of dying. Bonfire and reload the area; her sign will be back at the doorway.
she doesn't need to live the boss fight to get the ending, she died in my fight and I still got the ending.
If you pound yuria if she is a hollow would that make you necrophiliac. I guess I may as well consider the same aspect for anri.
Being branded as a necrophile is a small price to pay for salvation
*dies to her* *hears dialogue* ~ PP gets hard -
Smh cucks everywhere
always go with big titty goth gf
The Rule 34 is lacking. I sense great opportunity.
I have seen many things in my time in lord ran and lothric
My dearest yuria why do you have a darkhand which only a darkwraith or darkwraith covenant member may wield?
She is a member of the Darkwraiths, with the primary goal of bringing about the Age of Dark.

Literally the first line on this page.
My question is: Where would Yuria be if I didn’t have Yoel in Firelink? Or, if I’ve chosen to go for the ending where the First Flame goes out completely, does she have a special spot where she dies? I’m on a Dex build & have been seeking to wield the Darkdrift.
for the last time I don't want to marry anri yes shes a very lovely women but I'm not interested yuria