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I'm beginning to understand why people think we're toxic from these comments.
the best way to ruin someone's fight club is to just to spam this when they aren't paying attention. The fun police will not be stopped
I'm seeing a lot more of these lately. Did I miss something?
they have like 750 ar so idk maybe you missed something
@07 May anon, it needs the AR to make up for it's very meh moveset (all vertical) and it's inconsistent weapon art. The only way you can land the lightning on a good player is with a frame perfect wake up off a backstab. I have a lot of fun with this weapon but it's really not that great.
Weapon art always win trades with dlc metas like rkpg's l1 stab
This thing is absurdly strong in regular NG. I decided to try a STR/FTH character, I was at 30/30, using this at +5, which gives like 720AR two handed, and just absolutely victimized Soul of Cinder. Staggered him off two light attacks, then staggered him again immediately with the weapon art on the wakeup. Whole fight took under a minute. I didn't even play very well. Ridiculous.
Any weapon you reccomend for ng+3 and so on? I've been using this since regular new game but it's getting weaker and weaker. I want to get stronger but j can only level up my attributes... there has to be a stronger weapon I'm sure of it. Any suggestions?
@07 July

Depends on your build and levels, but the best scaling melee weapons are going to be multi-stat weapons. For example, something like Lorian's Greatsword has 4 stat scalings, which is a negative for your general SL130 builds, but as you level you can bring up auxillary stats like Int and Fth, and at 40/40/40/40 or even 40/40/30/30 you're going to get some of the best unbuffed ARs in the game, and buffing with the WA is going to knock that up another notch. Other weapons that scale high into the NG+ cycles are the Black Knight weapons, particularly the BK Greataxe, the Greatsword of Judgement, Profaned Greatsword, Ledos Gresthammer. The absolute best ARs you can reach are going to be buff builds. IIRC, the Lothric Knight GS buffed with Lightning Blade or DMB is the highest AR that's easily achievable and useable without min-maxing with Red Tearstone Ring, Morion Blade etc. Refined weapons also perform really well with buffs, like The Greatsword and the Exile Greatsword.

The Dragonslayer Greataxe does have one of the best ARs in the ultra high levels, though, so if its damage is dropping off for you, it might be good time to start stacking buffs like Sacred Oath, Lightning Blade, DMB (if you can get it), Oath of Sunlight, Power Within, etc.
You should know, though, that the enemies scale a lot harder than you do as you go up the NG+ ladders. Your damage on the other hand can only go so far.
ng+2 and beyond im using a refined broadsword. The broadsword dps has outplayed this greataxe with lightning buff as the greataxe took too long to swig
too bad you need 40 strength for the weapon ?
Frankly I think it is still good in ng+ because of the existant (yeah it isn't great but still) scaling on faith. That led me to branch from a pure melee rank to more of a paladin that could also run a couple miracles or pyro. It does lose its oomph in ng ++ and for some reason it regains it onward from there
25 Nov you do know what happens when you two hand a weapon, right


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Very good for midir, ***** that guy
i cant beat him at 50 str 37 fth +5
This meta greataxe never got old. I love it!
i use this weapon +5 2 handed at 37 str 32 fth but cant kill her please help and please respond to this comment. plz snd halp
by her i mean friede.
plzzz in the morning of the 25th of june put down a summon sign plz. i will greatly thank you.
Here now for ya buddy. Right by the friede bonfire
i wonder if i summoned you for the boss or not but i beat her thanks anyway :)
Finger but hole!