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She is useful for the moonlight butterfly, but i have no idea for the 4 kings (i am at blighttown only)
I recently killed the moonlight butterfly. Forgot to say that
Can you only summon her once
"She was also one of the three people able to traverse the abyss." literally anyone you summon can traverse the abyss and there's no reason to assume player-summons are different than npc-summons. she just happens to /be there/. who writes these fan-theories?
doesnt her armor set state outright that she braved the abyss or something like that? id guess that it refers to that
^true but the armor also said she died there, just like anyone else. it seems like anyone can "go" there, but only Artorias could "explore" it without immediately being lost. Good on her for even trying, but putting her in the same league as the Chosen Undead, who could only succeed thanks to Artorias's ring in the first place, seems like a stretch.
^^disregard that though, I'm an *******. I didn't realize Artorias made a covenant that allowed him to walk in the abyss. Maybe if Beatrice had done the same, she could have survived.
she kinda cute
WTF she three-hitted moonlight butterfly the boss haven't even landed for me to hit it.
i like this summon for both moonlight and four kings, NG+ +5 BKGS i summoned her and she dealt far more damage than me so i spent the fight distracting the kings and taking all the damage for her
best waifu