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You are all retards. Stop attacking the invader you stupid brain dead ****ing weebs
How about you swipe out the "the enemy of my enemy is my ally" bs. Only farrons allowed to live in the swamp.
Kinda funny. Opposite problem keeps happening to me. The reds won't stop chasing me. They seem to think I'm a blue sentinel or something
im shocked this has downvotes, you’re all dumbasses i guess. legitimatey no reason to attack the invader, your boyfriend host will turn on you right after
Annoying furry cov
Does sharing the ring still work for the trophy?
If yes, please add me on PSN: Tool_Spirit


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Please I need help to farm these goats to get that stupid ring or just drop to me because its useless its only for the achievement Steam:seu jorgi777
If you're still trying for this, try using the reddit thread r/pumparum. Its a subreddit dedicated to trading and sometimes gifting items.
Stupid idea to tie the covenant item only to being summoned. Even Subros can get medals from being summoned for duels, so why can't Farron watchdogs?


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swamp boyyys
cool and blue
if you come in the swamp
they come for you

friends with the crabs
friends with hollows
you go through the swamp
and they will follow
This is beautiful. ;-;
<3 u


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This is the best thing I have read all day
Already halfway through, but the moment it detects that you've got over ten, it stops calling you around, even when people are clearly in the area... Seriously, what gives?
Are there any players at metalevel for this covenant? I'd rather get the sword grass from people than farm it from the goats.
Confirming for myself on PC; started getting invasion as late as SL37 with +2 weapons. Forgot about the summon range and leveled up to 45, then the frequency of invasions dropped drastically to about 1 every 15-25 minutes. I've gotten 21 swordgrass total; 19 from invasions, about 7 of which earned after getting to 45; the other 2 were super lucky drops from the goats in the space of 5-10mins. Not impossible, but super slow.
Is there a way to directly invade as a Watchdog? Waiting is such a pain, even in the recommended level range.
Red eye orb and pray there is a host who didn't kill 2 area's bosses, otherwise you'll be summoned as a red phantom.