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The fact that this weapon swings from the same direction each time ruins it for me. Could of been such a good weapon if it weren't for that.
Does this weapon affect multiplier like summoning and invasions??
How do you get out of the Chet ditch area?
Why the hell would a weapon affect multiplayer? What a weird question.
This is a pretty good weapon. Even if the base damage isn't that great, even at +15, you gotta admit the bleeding effects make this a good mace, epsically since you can pick it up immediately after leaving the Asylum.
How do you get out of the chest ditch?
You need to drop down near the chest looking down the cemetery(where the skeleton where rise) also if you can't find it just use your homeward bone



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Use the homeward bones if you really can't see the huge obvious opening to get out.
Sonolanders, Sonoland.
it is a good weapon at the beginning and is very useful against the undead
and is also a good starting weapon
Some of the most important facets of this weapon in the early game are its poise damage and bleed effect. I got all the way through Blighttown and Demon Ruins as a new character using an un-upgraded morning star (I wanted to get the large flame ember early) and took out the Capra & Taurus demons through a combination of bleeding them and interrupting their attacks with staggers from my two-handed attacks. It's certainly not a newbie-friendly route, but it's a fun challenge.
dang, the A scaling and not too bad base damage are making me consider taking this up for a main weapon especially since it has bleed and good poise damage. what do you guys think for a fast rolling strength build?
Reinforced club is a good one too