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Need help with geting pure White character tendency, can help you aswell, psn: davvvemannen
Add me I need help as well psn Ransom Hulluout
Add me I need help to psn Ransom Hulluout
If someone is up to help to get to pure white tendency, reply me with his psn, I’m 80 sl
Add me: davvemannen, need help aswell
Same here, can we help each other?
Also needing. I guess one more kill only !

PSN : JaburaS
Can someone help me with the white tendency? Level 142
what is your PSN ID ?
Need help with pure white character tendency. Will return the favour! Leave reply of psn
I also need help. What is your psn?
So do I, right now I’m doing foe ring side quest but after wanna get pure white. My psn is W1LD_WASABI I think
Quick trick that I don’t think many know of because I’ve never come across a mention of it, we already know that killing an npc or black phantom with soulsucker or a status effect spell won’t change character tendency BUT all you need to do is strike the npc during their death animation for it to affect character tendency. Take
Black Phantom Selen Vinland for example, she’s pretty tough and who really wants to go through the trouble of fighting her in a swamp that prevents you from rolling while she attacks you with a weapon you can’t block ... aw man I really wish I could just sneak up behind her and use soulsucker for an easy kill but I need my CT to shift towards white, what a damn shame! Well don’t worry because all you have to do is hit her as soon as soulsucker empties her HP and boom it’s all good. Luckily, the game isn’t only checking for the source that emptied the enemies health bar but also if they were physically hit before the death animation finished and the souls dropped. This can save a lot of stress during a playthrough at least for me.
Just kite her to a mound and then roll per usual.
Bro I accidentally knocked Scirvir down the hole I’m so mad
Could need help with pwct.

PSN: erlangerfreak
Ill had you I also need help with it
It says you cant accept my request becasue of your privacy settings
My PSN: t0mberry_14
Changed it. Now I can receive requests
Also needing. I think one more kill only !

PSN: JaburaS
Someone can help me with character tendecy?
My psn: vinni_thorn
I can help you if you will also help me
For anyone having trouble with Black Phantom NPCs in Pure black CT & WT, soul remains is clutch, can't believe how manageable it makes them, just throw it when there's some distance between you and it'll distract them 100% then just go behind them and unload your stamina then roll away before the soul remain disappears. Then repeat til dead.
Hello. Could someone help with pure white tedency please?