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Does the lingering Dragoncrest ring increase the amount of time that is Pyromancy lasts?
I just tested it, and yes it does. It increases the duration to 2 minutes instead of 1 min 30 sec, kewl


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Love conflicting information, spellbuff of 336*0.9 would equal 302.4 fire damage, resistances on different enemies differ so you should test on the fire keeper and not other enemies, or at least provide sources
Yeah at 30/30 I was pushing more boost than the pages 40/40
At 40/40 Is it worth using a 10+ astoras greatsword with the carthus flame arc buff or a 10+ chaos astora greatsword
To get the most bang for your buck, infuse the AGS with Sharp or refined. That'll let you get extra damage for the 40/40 (or the single scaling of the dexterity, which scales better than strength) and you'll also be able to buff your weapon still with spells or resins. Best of both worlds. You'll also not have to worry about switching weapons when you find a fire resistant boss, you can just buff with whatever you need for the fight.
Chaos is better, using SoulsPlanner a CFA buffed Raw Astora GS at 18/18 (Str/Dex) you get 609 AR (421/188 Physical/Fire split) a Chaos Astora Greatsword on the other hand gets 660 AR (204/455 Physical/Fire Split).

This buff seems to be geared more towards builds that don't go above 20 int/fth as at 18/18 it deals more fire damage than the Charcoal Pine Bundle buff while lasting eight times as long (11 times with Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2).

It also seems like a good alternative buff on Miracle or Sorcerer builds for bosses that resist Magic/Lightning/Dark damage like Gael, though you still need at least 10 in the other magic based stat (Faith for Sorcerers and Intelligence for Miracle casters).
Just infuse the weapon with Dark/Chaos. Don't bother with this shıt spell.
Flame arc adds good AR and since the chaos/dark infuse soft cap is 30/30.. this triumphs them if you lvl dex/strength at half decently... I did for awhile but I'd rather go dark/chaos and lvl up elsewhere as a pyro main.. my asg had 619 AR at 30/30 which is fine since it complimented that I didn't need to spend more in str/dex and the split DMG wasn't much different in ratio at all.. with CFA it would just be mostly physical and lighter fire DMG...
Was over 630 2h which is negligible except DMG wise since it went to the physical but can't be parried/hyper armor... Yada yada
Isn't the DMG kinda weak? I mean against mobs weak to fire you'd want chaos and in PvP when you get the 40/40 their def to fire is usually 130+ then the absorb... I feel like pyro catalyst has to low a number to make it efficient.. atleast it looks amazing
It works really well for sl1 runs and raw weapons, as it's a way of getting fire damafe without good stas
it's super op if you use the glitch to put buffs on non buffable weapons and the apply this to a frost weapon, since fire resets the cooldown for frost to be able to work again, and since frost already has better buildup than bleed, and slows people down and decrease their stamina regen, it also adds that you can do a build up again right after you apply it, turning frost into just a super op bleed
How much damage can a +10 LKS with refined insusion deal with a +6 Pyromancy flame with 31/31 with STR and DEX and 16/16 Faith/Intelligence?
Checks soulsplanner
This set-up is so specific I can only assume it's yours. So just go in the game and check.
I was just testing how rings affect this and found something useful. Neither rings that boost pyromancies seem to affect this.
But the Priestess Ring does make it stronger, since it boosts the Faith stat. I assume the Scholar Ring would boost it too, but I didn't have that yet.
The Priestess Ring could be a good substitute for the Fire Clutch Ring, since it doesn't decrease absorption
sir it gives you spell amp faith and int so both increase the damage but very minimaly
Is the damage on this pyromancy worth it? Almost all other weapon buff spells seem to have better damage to stat investment ratios. Ex: 35int/fth adds 174 fire dmg, meanwhile 40int with heretic staff adds 171 magic dmg.
Well depends on your build, i just got it on a full strenght build, so i have the greatsword that goes from 650 dmg to 750dmg, with only 10 INT and FTH
I say it's good enough
I think it could be useful with something like the crow quills since it doesnt matter what the weapon attack is for the damage to be added.
if you use the glitch to put buffs on non-buffable weapons and buff a frost weapon, you've beaten the game
Good for SL1, also absolutely op if you do buff glitch and apply this to a frost weapon, since it resets the frost cooldown so you don't have to wait 30 seconds to apply frost again
When should I use this over a chaos infusion?
depends. raw infused + flame arc = more dmg. but you have to buff.