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I've beaten the game several times without even leveling up this stat. If you have to rely so much on this stat to survive you should play Dark Souls 3. Otherwise, actually get good.
You sounded like someone who hasnt beaten anything but your own meat
Just because someone thinks an aspect of a game is stupid, that doesn't mean they can't beat the game without it. Sure, you can beat the game without leveling it up, but I find it helpful to compensate for the horrible hitboxes, which would be doubly obnoxious without it.



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While it is true that you can rely mostly on spacing and positioning for PvE, it is very important for PvP
You were downvoted by a bunch of salty noobs that think the Dark Souls series is is a hard series for a bunch of slightly above average casuals. Dark Souls 2 tried to be actually difficult for a change and make stat and equip choices matter more, but these *** don't like hard.
Sounds like you just sat behind a shield the whole time
Now look at all the special people you have triggered.


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This feels like such an unnecessary stat point but people want to mask this as something that makes DS2 a “deeper RPG”. Estus drinking speed should be a universal mechanic and iFrames should be tied to your equip load. This and the running delay after depleting stamina are my only peeves of this game so far.
Same like the other fellas, I did not know that this was necessary to improve the iframes and the roll, I finished the game with what they give you to start with. But its great vs the Fume Knight.
In all honesty, ADP has got to be the worst decision made in creating Dark Souls 2. No stat should ever be required in every single build, that takes away the build crafting of RPGs. Some people could argue that health and stamina is required, but they aren’t. If you can dodge through attacks you don’t need a lot health and if you don’t spam attacks and roll only when needed you don’t need a lot of stamina. ADP governs so much that it makes it a necessary stat for virtually any logical build in both PvP and PvE.

You could say that the immense amount of souls you get off sets the required ADP levels, but at that point, why even have ADP to begin with?
There is only one mechanic worse than ADP, and it is called Soul Memory
I barely ever skill ADP and I have no problem. I have like 8 save files and only used it on 2.
It's definitely possible to play without it, you just have stricter timing on pretty much everything from dodges to estus usage.


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Imagine crying about Dark Souls being hard.
DS2 fanboys trying to justify bad hitboxes:
Everyone here is complaining about hitboxes. I mean, I've seen other being grabbed by Aava from a 2 meter distance and it looked awful, but I never encountered problems as much as the other players claim to have. I play Sotfs though, so maybe all the complaints come from the original DSII.

I mean, the timing on e.g. Dragonrider is incredibly strict, but that's not a hitbox problem. And I'd take that 10 times over DSIII Abyss Watchers second phase where there's a second fire hitbox after every hit. Don't get me wrong, I love Abyss Watchers, but the late fire hitboxes aren't exactly fun.
Agility may have it's softcap at 110, but get it to 111 to get max results. Everything past 111 cost too much and isn't worth. Make sure to check the agility page for the table.
Guys there’s plenty of stuff to like about Dark Souls 2, I promise you the game is still great even if you don’t trick yourself into thinking you like this stat
Don't forget that Attunement also raises AGL to a lesser extent. So they were aiming for: Melee focused build? Level up ADP: Increases i-frames, item consumption speed, poise, poison bonus and different resistances that are key for close combat; Caster build? Level up ATN: Increases i-frames and item consumption speed but not as much as ADP, spell slots, spell casts and casting speed.

Sounds good on paper in terms of build differentiation (casters can attack from a distance so this compensates the less amount of i-frames and item consumption speed). To me, it makes sense that a melee trained warrior is better at dodging than a mage but in the end, it fell short on execution. It also doesn't help that you gain a lot of levels in DS2, so it is easy to overlevel.