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For 120, 66 STR build, or 30/30 dark build? Dark gains noticeable higher AR, but split damage
Either. Split damage can suck, but very little armor in the game has good resistance to it. And even if it does, it'll be armor so lacking in other defenses most ppl won't be using it.
i like to buff my weapons so i would say 66 STR build
You could use a Chaos Zwei then use Lorian's to stomp-buff it with extra fire damage
On the Max scaling table the numbers for the blood and poison infusions are both in the wrong places
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so how can you become unstoppable if there is no poise?
Stomp and/or Perseverance?
There is poise, but it only activates when you are actively attacking. While passive poise is no more, you should be able to use a hyper armor weapon and heavy armor to avoid having your attacks interrupted by your enemies.
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still great with chaos. gid gut?

1. low weight

2. lowest stamina consumption in the UGS class and this will matter most low to 90 lvl when zwei will allow the user an extra swing compared to any other UGS

3. insane damage with elemental infusions, chaos and dark. Yeah Giant Dad weapon is still a very strong choice, a 19/11/30/30 str dex int faith build will hit like a truck making it a very good option for a battle mage pyromancer. 445 pure fire or damage damage before any buffs on top of 217 base physical damage for a total 662 AR split damage.

4. low stat requierments, 13/11 str dex 2 handed

5. Good moveset with horizontal swings and 1hr2 thrust.

6. Good WA, although situational, it has high damage and insane poise health so one can easy tank RKPG l1 atack and punish it.


1. low damage for physical infusions, heavy 66 str is 603 AR standard damage and quality 40/40 is 582 AR

2. range is rather short.

A very strong UGS for elemental builds and low lvl pvp builds. It s horizontal swings makes it very good for area PVE and it s a strong option for bosses as well with right infusions. One of the best UGS in the game for its weight/moveset/elemental damage ratio. It competes very closely with Astora GS, Zwei having slighter higher elemental damage and imo a better WA and Astora having sligher better range and moveset.

I would not recommend this UGS for physical builds as its damage is pretty low. Can be a beast in right hands. A very good weapon for beginners and experienced players alike. Imo is second best UGS in the game, sharing the second spot with Astora GS and behind only Greatsword UGS.

Enjoy Gaint Dad Weapon DS3 version!
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