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I love this thing's damage reduction, but the more I played, the less I used it, which wouldn't have happened if it wasn't so *****ING BIG.
I know this thing is single-handedly keeping Lightning Arrow-spamming builds in check, but does anyone else wish From reserved extremely good damage reduction to greatshields, at least to give tanky builds some relevance? There's two mediums shields, BKS and LKS, that do just as good a job as the infused greatshields for like half the investment. Give infused Greatshields a cap at like 90-95%, medium shields at 75-80%, balance out the narrow stability differences between the two (there's hardly a difference despite the ~10 Unit weight gap and huge STR requirements), and put the poise-cast of Lightning Arrow on a 3/4-second timer rather than indefinitely.
That's why I don't use shields in DS3 for the most part. They butchered the balance.
I don't use lightning arrow in that cheap way by holding it with poise but I do use it to punish estus and as wake up after a backstab or parry but yes medium shields single handedly negate magic builds for very little investment required it's unfair to us magic users and I agree something that only greatshields should do
I feel that this is just Bandai Namco’s way of trolling the player base where the shield doesn’t match up correctly to the characters body proportion.
It gets worse when you see how the shield literally slides from side to side on your character's back while running while the back remains mostly rigid. Once you see it, you won't be able to unsee it.
Tired of reactionary miracle builds? Don't like being harassed with lightning arrow and stake? Don't feel like dodging every 0.076 seconds like you're playing a bullet hell? Slap a lightning gem on this giant triangle and embrace the cheese-ness
My dark damage and my physical damage weapon disagree with you. It´s nice when people put on this shield, and think they will be safe, because lightning arrow wont hurt them, and then they receive the first hit on the shield. Oh oops!
16 march, do physical weapons count as lightning miracles in your mind?
Nothing will stop my love for lightning arrow!


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Honselty, I instantly loved the swtats of this shield when i found it, but after a bit I passed over just for a visual issue. I don't like how it look on my female pg even if I mostly 2h.
why does it have high lightning resistance if they were dragon slayers? shouldn't it have high fire resistance? unless they were fighting lightning dragons, this is some a$$ backwards logic
DS1 dragons
It has to be a translation thing? Lightning resistance would make sense given Lothric Knights trained and rode dragons/wyverns; you'd want to be able to block the most common thing that would be used against you, like the dead dragon on the outer wall that was (likely) killed by the Lightning Spear miracle near it.
This is also the case for dragonslayer greatshield wich is pretty dumb
This is the best normal shield in the game yet i still get guard broken in 2 hits at +9 lol.
The big boys only shield
Perfect for an all-purpose blessed shield. Good blocking, parries, good stability.