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One of the easiest boss fights.
We get it. You’re master at Sekiro.
Not as ez as ur mom
What do you say when you get hit by Owl? Ow!
Fromsoft needs a quick retry feature. If you're grinding this boss you have to let it load, run out avoiding the purple ninja, talk to owl, let the cutscene load, skip the cutscene... it's just tedious.
just stealth kill the purple ninja then run to the fight???? you dont need to talk to the owl and its not that hard skipping a cut scene


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honestly yes, idc if the boss is hard just make trying again faster. I don't really see any point not to
I went from the idol below it, jumped out the window, roped up to the roof to my left and jumped up one more level


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you kiddies would never survive dark souls 1
"you kiddies would never survive dark souls 1" that's so true lmao
Run the whole area killing and dodging - die to.the boss within 10 secs - rinse, repeat - over and over and over and over again. Aah, the good old ds1 days.
ds1 bosses were easy and predictable, most of them, this doesn't work here
even i didnt encounter this boss i ranked this the most worst dad in the world do you know why 1st after you beat a supa fast old lady you will be stabbed on the back do you know who the one who stab your back its UR DAD 2nd his fighting his own son see WHAT A STUPOID FATHER
does he have different attacks without kuro's charm? for me he just did the firecracker slash that owl father does
The only story boss without any perilous attacks. What was from thinking.
cuz there is owl father


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he doesnt need perilous attacks casual this is one of the most wll designed bosses in the game what were you thinking typing that out
His multiple instakill moves seem pretty perilous to me
They were thinking: "We're not giving you a big flaming Kanji for this one, boyo. Good luck memorizing."
This is the boss I have the hardest time with. I'm currently on new game plus three. Is there a trick to beating him. I've gotten to the point in which I wait for him to use his shurikin jump attack to get two hits. If anyone has any trick I would be very greatful.
You can literally kite this boss, unlike all other bosses which will gap close. Try running in circles and abusing his AI. Though, if you're in ng+++ you must already know most boss strategies for him
So is it running behind him then hit him once then repeat?
There isn't much of a trick other than:
1. jump diagonally left when he does his flippy jump slash and get a Double Ichimonji in;
2. if you're careful, you can also get one or two vitality hits on him when he's throwing his debuff on you. Just jump to his side while slashing. It's a tricky angle, but it's viable, and if you do it well enough you can also punish those moves with Double Ichimonji.
Andre got tired of pounding his anvil and decided to pound the player into the floorboards
The most boring boss in the game. Absolutely predictable, yet doesn't allow you to hit him much, controlling battle. The battle itself consists of one-hit, wait till boss does his thing a couple of times, a couple of deflects and you're allowed to hit him again.
As I said, absolutely boring and can be hard to deal with for novices.
I kind of agree at how predictable he is, but if you have his moveset down, you can afford to be a bit more aggressive and keep whaling on him and doing perfect deflects. It's not THAT controlling.
When Sekiro kills Owl, he says "Death of a shadow". Owl has an optional second bossfight.

In other words, shadows die twice.