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By Anonymous
I recently found out I love Lance and yeah it shreds pretty much everything if used the right way. Savage Uncle Joe though... I dunno, I feel like he's programmed to spam the pin attack against shields. I can easily avoid it with Gunlance+Evade Extender, but with Lance it seems there's NOTHING I can do. Tried everything, dash forward, hop back, dash to the sides... Uncle Joe gets me no matter what. I usually try to face him with some good slinger ammos ready to counter the body slam after the unavoidable pin, but it still feels so wrong. Hell I can even dodge Safi's pin attack with Lance with good timing and positioning, but vs Uncle Joe it seems 100% impossible. Any Lance user out there got some advice against smokey Joe and his om-nom-nom attack? :(
By Anonymous
Just get used to have flash pods or monster sling shot ammo loaded all the time.
Becouse at least the pin itself doesnt do any damage

But it is dodgeable with good positioning
By Anonymous
it will also try to eat captured monsters
By Anonymous
Just got back from the hunt .I intended to kill glavenus for it mantle when the angry pickle show up with the ebony hound in it mouth.I bail out of the area so to not piss it off.Unfortunately,IT IS PISSED.It began chasing me as I ran to glavenus.However ,glavenus also running a hell out of the area with me,turning from the hunt to the gtfo .After pickle lose it interest in me ,I decided to capture glavenus instead.He deserve to escape too
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