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i have no idea how did i survive super nova attack
Do the superman dive thing
Azure rathalos armor is good for the fight don't believe me try it
Yes it is super helpful for the hunt



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For a matter of fact, most people who say this and that monster is bad desgned and that's why they lose, are just pretty f***king much bad at the game. Get good instead of crying.
I like it, but the hitzones make it rather annoying. After you Clutch Claw it's entire body (or at least the front legs and wings), it isn't so bad.
this is my favourite monster from the theme, to the design and atacks
TaKe mE bY ThE HanD taKe Me tO tHe LaND
Glavenus dbs (smoldering cities) or dragon swaxe (mighty gear 3) ?
meele weapons looks so cool but the water splash effect ruins them
If you're struggling with her, a solid advise would be slotting in Resuscitate, as of writing, I still haven't checked what waterblight does, but I never noticed what it does since resucitate negates it AND buffs you too, only for 1 slot compared to resistor. I beat her on my first try using 2piece rathian, and 2piece of the armor that gives critical status. I'm using mr pink rathian longsword.

Poison works best, resucitate even better.