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freeze the spring enemy and kill him immediately for ez game
One of the stupid "balanced" fights. Two partymembers (lvl 14) got oneshoted in first round. Ragequit and will try again with higher lvl to gain lvl 14 reward -.-
Work on your skills family, I was Lvl 12 duo lone wolf (sword-n-board & pure ranger), and mopped up. I agree I did get one shotted (ranger), but with the Glowing Idol of Rebirth I survived and turned things around. Also I must admit, Im still walking around with lvl 6 items only upgraded weapons. When you start get pummeled easy time to check gear.
Be Happy I was just going about my second honor mode run (haven't gotten the achievement yet) with a physical duo lone wolf party. Obliterated nearly everything but my 1k damage necromancer did about 90 damage to the blood elf. Lost all my progress and now I have to start again.
I struggled to actually start this quest because all of the required surfaces except blood eventually decay; ice thaws, fire clouds go to smoke, etc. But by the entrance to the sawmill, there's a permanent cloud of cursed electrified steam that won't decay. You can move the cursed electrified steam with Terrain Transmutation all the way to the Trial Area, and it works even though it's cursed. Now you only have to worry about Winter and Summer.
If you talk to the statues after triggering them, the activation will remain in place. I activated three and went back to the Lady of Vengeance to change my skills and activate the last one. to chat
They stay if you talk to the statues.

People just can't be bothered, I guess.
the activation does not remain in place after talking to them, at least not on PC with the current version of the game
They don't stay activated, at least not on Tactician.
Also, there are some noxious bulbs nearby, just teleport them to the location; one can generate an electrified steam cloud and the other creates a fire surface
****ing trash quest better just skip it
There is a platform on the rigth that you can use to teleport one of the challenge into the elf camp where you can have 2 members of your team wating. The one that initiate the fight can become invisible and join later. I did on level 13 in tactical mode.
Reward is pretty lame though.
That is BY FAR the worst designed quest in the game (for obvious reasons), there is no way to complete it on your own. I'm doing a solo rogue run and this will have to be the only quest i have to leave unfinished.
i mean the enemies are tough but not that tough. if you're talking about activating the altars, its not that hard either. static arrow, flesh sacrifice (use fanes helmet), and for the other two just grab the spellbooks and respec so you can cast hail storm.
You did not figure it out. I have done it solo many times. My method only requires two scrolls and a unique ring.
This quest sucks!! They do not stay activated. Anyone saying they do if you talk to them is wrong lmao. The only one that stays up is blood. The rest go away quickly even if you talk to them!
the part up top is both correct and incorrect. it wasn't until recently that you needed to activate them all at the same time. before this VERY UPSETTING change, you only needed to activate them one at a time and they STAYED ACTIVE. heck, something I did in one of my previous playthroughs was activate 3 of the 4 totems to start then if under leveled go and do something else to level up. it was EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to see this pointless change occur maybe at most a couple months ago. (guessing around January or February at the EARLIEST) its possible this is a bug but part of me kind of doubts that. the main issue solo players have right now is that the durations for the terrain "hazards" (frozen ground, fire cloud, and static cloud) all have a duration of 2 turns. and it is impossible to use your skills fast enough create the 3 hazards (excluding blood since blood doesn't disappear) before the first one runs out and disappears. concerning the "talking to them"... I have no f___cking clue what that's about.

in case people want to prove me wrong on being able to just out cast the duration time limit. here is the sequence of skills I tried to use. noted this was done on controller with one character being a ranger and the other being a hydro/aero mage lone wolf.
1. set up a steam cloud to start since that doesn't have duration
2. fire arrow to create fire hazard
3. vaporize fire hazard
4.lightning bolt to make static cloud hazard
5. hail strike to make frozen surface (fire cloud runs out just as frozen ground is made)
you might be able to do it using that lazer ray skill (or whatever the name is) but that means you would be going in with either a specific build every time or a build that wastes a couple of points in order to use the exact skill you need. I'm specifically focusing on the fire cloud one since you can replicate the other 2 hazards using grenades or arrows.
I just did the quest, they stay activated, although there were several minutes in between (at some point I Alt-tab to this guide to make sure I had the correct element ... I had Sebille do a flesh sacrifice on the spring totem, the Red Prince do a laser ray to the summer totem, Fane shot a freezing arrow to the winter totem (and the Prince talked to it so Fane wouldn't have to climb down from the platform, to be rdy for the fight) and the Prince did an Ice fan - fireball (=cloud) - electric discharge to the autumn totem. The fight started immediately, I didn't even have time to talk to the last (Autumn) totem.

When a totem is activated, there are these swirling purple aura thingies around it
I came across this at level 16, and they still hit for 1,400+ damage (leaving me with 200ish hp). And knocked me down for 2 turns. I killed 2 before they got one turn and the other two before they got a second turn.
theory on why the totems don't stay activated once the hazard disappears. its very possible this a tactician mode only thing. saw somebody reply to a message here mentioning it and I wanted to spread the word that this might be why so many people are either frustrated/confused about it (like i was) or arguing with other people about it.
if someone could run a test for me that would be wonderful. I know for a fact that in my current tactician run the totems do not stay active. in my previous playthrough on normal the totems stayed active after the hazards disappeared.
current tactician run the spring one stayed active, the others do not. so im stuck and cant do this.
Yes can confirm , 2 normal playthroughs were okay. In tactican run they don´t stay active