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As I'm not sure how appropriate it is to put my own analysis on the page itself, here it is: Mido mentions that Successors must have a "tempered will" to resist a relic's corruption. That is to say: willpower, and something to hold onto. The Nameless Successor seemingly had very little willpower. His few lines are desperate and unsure, and his first scene is being kicked around by other revenants. His Blood Code is Darkseeker, his crypt is on a frozen seabed, and his vestiges are found hidden in a crate and the other tucked away on a high ledge. But he did have something to hold onto. He mentions his "home" repeatedly, which would be his Crypt. I'd guess from being a punching-bag to other revenants, he didn't fit in or have anywhere to stay. As a Successor, he'd have a Crypt - a home. But lacking willpower, he failed his role. A crypt is barely formed, with few thorn-like objects nearby. Even Nicola's crypt is more substantial. When we see Jack kill him, to take his 'home' away, he's even still in a human shape; he hasn't been a Successor long enough to transform. Even Eva partially transformed in the short time the player is separated from her (though the speed of her transformation may be linked to her role as a temporary vessel and Mido's meddling). There isn't much about this character, as there isn't much to say. But the above is what I could find, and what I could infer.



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Everything you said it true, but I'd like to add that he had a strong sense of duty, and wanted to be needed. It's mentioned in his Blood Code I think, or his vestige's description. His being a successor, something that only he could do, likely gave him a much needed boost to his willpower and self esteem which allowed him to resist the relic for some time.
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In the researcher side quest, she mentions that the crypt in the dried up trenches resembles Nicola's crypt and that he had an ability to make clones of himself.
This guy's memories hit harder for me because of that end sequence.

Like, damn. the stairway to heaven.
I think what I love about this character is that his story is nothing particularly tragic or melodramatic; it's just short, sad, and pitiful. In life, most stories are like this. People spend their entire lives struggling for something in vain until they're just... gone. They die unfulfilled; doom driven, and regretful. Most people probably don't remeber it, but this segment spoke to me more than any of the others did.