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Survivability/ team support
Also works as solo build.
Head: Cultists
Chest: Labyrinth
Amulet: soul anchor/ black rose
Rings: soul link/burden of the devoted (team heal) or spirit stone solo.
Sidearm: sawed off/ sub machine gun
Long gun: assault rifle/ Chicago typewriter.
I use beckon on my sidearm always. For dungeon clearing I use seed caller on my Assault rifle for bosses I switch to iron sentinel on the typewriter.
Melee: whatever you like, I switch between hero sword and butchers flail. Traits anything thing to with mod power, healing, and power generation,

Armor: Warlord's set
Amulet: Mender's Charm
Ring 1: Razorstone
Ring 2: Bloodletter's insignia
Long Gun: Devastator
Sidearm: Machine pistol (song of swords)
Melee: World's Edge
Melee Tank

Armor: 2 Piece Leto, 1 Piece Scrapper (You'd only want the stagger reduction, and a bit more damage [7.5% to targets within 5m])
Amulet: Twisted Idol (+30% Armor and -15 encumberance)
Rings: Band of Strength/Band of Pollux/Stone of Balance/Root Circlet/Gravity Stone + Leech Ember
Long Guns: Shotgun w/ Mantle of Thorns (If you really want to be near-immune to stagger. If not, swap for Howler's Immunity or Hunter's Mark)
Handguns: Revolver or Hunter's Pistol (You need to compensate for unmelee-able opponents. Trust me, I've tried melee-ing Claviger and Nightmare once and it didn't work so well) w/ Song of Swords

20 Vigor, 20 Warrior, 20 Triage, 20 Bark Skin, 20 All Blessings, 20 Switfness (you can close in faster for ranged targets), 20 Shadow Walker (close the distance much better), 20 Rapid Strike, 20 catalyst, 20 Arcane Strike, 20 Vaccine (for that pesky Rot), 20 Tormentor (you might be forced to dip in and out of melee range sometimes *cough* Harrow *cough*), 20 Spirit

This is one is a poor man's version of the Sabertooth build (courtesy of Fextralife), except it's a non-DLC version and I'm too sure if it works on Nightmare and Apocalypse, but it does on Hard and Normal well enough and it relies on Corrosion isntead on Bleeding to get them healz.
typo "I'm NOT too sure if it works on Nightmare and Apocalypse"
The true Tank (DLC needed)

Armor: All 3 pieces of leto’s

Amulet: twisted idol

Rings: Alchemists jewel, subject dlc needed for this ring, and aggressors bane for that 15% damage reduction.

Long guns: it doesn’t really matter but I would recommend having flicker cloak on your primary.

Handguns: it doesn’t matter what gun you use but if you want to be literally immoral for about 10 seconds use storm caller on your handgun. All for that sweet 50% damage reduction while active.

Barkskin 20, Mother’s blessing 20, keepers blessing 20, guardian’s blessing 20, triage 20, vigor 20, gluttony 20.

Also, for this build to be fully completed you need divine nectar on for that 10 armor effectiveness. And if everything is maxed and on you should have about 1,080 armor effectiveness. And yes you can take any hit in the game, as long as it’s not an instant kill grab, on lower difficulties. On normal mode with this build you take almost no damage at all and you can just use bloodworts to out heal the damage. And if you have 2 other friends you get team work for that extra 10% resistance. So the amount of resistances you should have in total would be leto’s 50%+agressors bane 15%+ teamwork’s 10% + mother’s blessing/guardians blessing 10%+ storm callers 50%= you ain’t dying. Plus if you want to know the viability of this in apocalypse mode, I’ve beaten every boss with this build on every difficulty and you can take a good amount of hits in apocalypse mode before going down.
cant get swarm anymore without DLC. seems likes this build needs an update
Undying (no dlc)

Armor: Leto or Labyrinth
Amulet: Twisted Idol
Ring 1: Blood Font
Ring 2: Soul Link
Weapons: doesn't matter
Weapon mod 1: Mender's Aura or Seed Caller
Weapon mod 2: Very Good Boy
Traits: Invoker and triage make this even better

Doggo with maxed Invoker and Triage will heal you for roughly 45 points and do an average of 450 damage per attack. With Labyrinth set, almost 70 points of healing, and around 670 damage per attack. Can use either seed caller for more passive healing, or menders aura to face tank any attack