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Can someone drop penetrator armor set and sword on ps5 showdinxuchiha
I can trade for helping me get to pure white charactor tendency. Add Celsius-rex ps5
Can anyone help me duplicate souls?
Can someone drop me the set of the penetrator?
Hey friends. Anyway willing to trade Pure Moonshade stone? I'm doing my first noobish run at this and killed/lost all the crystal babies! :frowning:
Hello, can some one drop me the penetrator armor set please? Ps5 Roxinol77
Yeah, if you s my d, dumbf*ck!
Unfortunately the Penetrator set can't be traded, I tried to do it the other day and it can't be dropped.
The only way round it I think, is to trade ceramic coins via the nest method.
I summoned someone in 2-1 and they dropped a Blessed Knight Sword +5 for me. It turned the my game into easy mode after we completed the run. God bless, stranger!
Can someone give me a pure bladestone and an officer gloves? Psn id: StCarlosso
Would someone be willing to invade me in the valley of defilment and let me kill them to obtain white wor;d tendacy for a weapon im trying to get
Hi there, still needing help? My psn is jason_johnstone
I'll trade my pure bladestone for 6 bladestone chunks PS5 id: Tyufox
Anyone wanna invade me in 4-2 right after reaper trying to get to pure white from black
I'll invade you and let you kill me if you do the same. Just need pure white character tendency for all rings trophy. Never finding summons for peeps to fight invaders. Psn Blankenator62