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All the Lava Demons in my game were replaced with those scythe-armed hostess things, so I can only get these things during the red hour.
For anyone trying to get this fragments, but the Lava Daemons are replaced by the Scythe-armed creatures, and you don't want to wait until the black hole hour...you still can finding a Lava Daemon in Port Issoudun - Silos, right before the entrance to the corridors where you find the Ozyormy Goija, the Master of Puppets, kill the demon, use the omnicube to travel back to the breach (the game need to reload to the demon appear again) and kill again :)
OK so someone mentioned that if you progress to far that the Lava Deamons are all new monsters, you can always kill the Alpha Lava Monster closest to Port Issoudun - Silos. But its important to mention that I never find him there during the red hours, nor the black hole hour. I found him consistently when the black hole is around the 1:00 position onward. I was idling at the entrance to Ozyormy and he just spawned on top of me once the 1:00 hour hit.