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Does anyone know the scaling multipliers?
S in Str/Dex and A in Fth
In case anyone wants some quick instructions on how to get this early:

1. Play through 2-3 (Archstone of the Digger King/Stonefang Tunnel) to kill the Flamelurker and get the Searing Demon Soul
2. Go kill the Adjudicator in 4-1 (Archstone of the Shadowmen/Shrine of Storms)
3. Go to Blacksmith Ed in 2-1 located down the mine shaft behind the merchant near the arch stone and turn in the Searing Demon Soul (if he doesn’t ask for it then talk to him a few times first, then reload the area and talk to him again)
4. Upgrade any of the weapons listed above in this wiki page (which you would surely have by now) to the Meat Cleaver
5. Enjoy Demon’s Souls in easy-mode

Note: This weapon is godly on the first play through so long as your strength is at 26 even if you don’t meet the Faith requirement. I would still recommend putting the points in Faith but don’t feel like you shouldn’t use it if you don’t have that yet.
My rofl knife goes slice slice slice