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There is bug/plot hole, IF YOU DON'T TELL HIM TO TEACH YOU BEFORE YOU ACCEPT THE MISSION and you chose another option even if you help him HE WONT TEACH YOU how to chanel more source.
Same here
You can teleport away the Undead Black Ring Destroyer corpse on the ground before the fight begins so you don't have to fight him, doesn't give XP anyway.
Things to note:

If you charm the big undead brute, the evasion aura is then on you and your allies, but not your enemies. You can use Dominate Mind (doesn't miss) or a charmed arrow (also did not miss and gave no percentage chance to hit like a regular hit).

Glitter Dust will "cancel out" the evasion capabilities of the big brute so you can bring him down (although, I actually ended up kill him last between freezing him and charming him).

He's undead and heal spells also won't miss, by the way. Nor should Soul Mate and healing yourself.

I could not figure out what was causing the evasion aura at first (it doesn't say "aura" on him) until I charmed him and suddenly my whole party was the one evading.
If you have a summon up when the battle with the black ring members is over the advocate will be immediately hostile when he shows up. Very annoying.
Don't miss the option to press for the name of the master of the void woken (persuasion 5). Afterwards 4 void woken will spawn for ~60k exp.
After killing the black ring guys you can teleport the advocat freely around whenever he is in a conversation with you. He wont aggro. So you can teleport him to the mystical bridge at the entrance of bloodmoon island. trigger the traps and wait until he dies of.
Imagine you could take him anywhere... Maybe I shuld have taken him to tavern