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Very buggy spell. Doesn't work most of the time
Since the update, I cannot get the crafting of this to work with the HQ Shadow Essence, paper and Disembodied Hand; thinking they felt it was too strong for such a low price?
Still works for me with HQ Shadow Essence in DE, did not try Source Orb.
It doesn't work with any instance of Disembodied Hand. I managed to craft it with Griff's, but not with another I had in my inventory.
There are only a little number of Disembodied Hands in the game, and you can not buy them, of course.
A very finnicky spell, the enemy has to be 100% over a blood surface to hit or it does nothing. If their pinky toe is off the blood, it won't hit. If it does hit though, you win the fight.
Realized that in a hard way...thought the skill was buggy
Was crit bug fixed in DE?
it makes the already broken elves even more broken... flesh sacrifice -> blood rain -> grasp of the starved usually destroys a cluster or leaves them with pretty much dead with only 1 ap and 2 sp with elemental affinity.
The blood rain seems unreliable to me. The blood pool being generated is so small and unpredictable. There is always at least one enemy doesn't stand on the blood. Therefore, I abandoned this build.
pre-cast it before entering combat. You can let it cool down and cast again, aiming for slightly different spot. Want to be sure? Cast a 3rd time... the entire screen will be covered in blood. Cheesy? Hell yes. Does it work? Hell yes.
Can it still do decent dmg with really high warfare but no int? Would like to use it on a melee build..


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I believe "INT but no Warfare" will outperform "Warfare but no INT" with Necromancy skills (with the best being "INT with Warfare"). My tests gave the following results at LV14: 10 INT with 16 Warfare: 283-312 DMG (knowing an auto-attack and thus Whirlwind are at 337-357 DMG) 38 INT with 0 Warfare: 376-416 DMG 38 INT with 5 Warfare: 470-520 DMG 38 INT with 10 Warfare: 564-624 DMG So yes it still does somewhat decent damage, but still lower than your warfare skills, even more so taking into account the cost. I would leave it to INT-based characters, with or without warfare.
My Necromage i*****ting level 10 in Warfare and Int is at 46 and Damage is around what Futeko mentions. I knew this build was strong - didnt know it was this strong. I still have to get to Apothesis and Blood Storm - Need to see how powerful this build can get.
Tried to craft the scroll today with both high quality shadow essence and source orb, no luck. Hand was from Roost's floor.
some hands work, some dont. That doesnt. Griff's from Act 1 will. Also as soon as you start Act 2 you run into the wrecked caravan, one on the road.. that works. Also by entrance to Mordus' cave, near the Umbral Statue, that works. There are a total of 6 I think in the game..
It works. Might have been part of the update since April. Make sure it's high quality shadow essence.
It might be worth noting that you can also buy the skill book from Hannag in act 2 ... i dont know about other vendors yet though because i'm still in act 2
any way to craft the book from a scroll of grasp of the starved and an empty necromancy book? maybe with another ingredient?
Yes the book is craftable

GOTS scroll + high tier blank necromancy book = GOTS book

The high tier blank skillbooks start showing up around level 12 or 13 IIRC. Check the lizards in the undertavern and trader bree.

If you can craft the scroll (disembodied hand + paper + high quality shadow essence) you should be able to craft the book as the high tier essences show up same time as the high tier books.

You can also buy/steal this book, and many others, from Hannag in Cloisterwood.


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Can't seem to craft scroll. Anyone else able/not able? Used the right ingredients AFAIK