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Talk to Gareth to get reward when you killed Karon.

DE: I have a bug in sewer fight, at the start of the battle, system will autosave and then I loaded the autosave, Karon become unarmored and didn't cast his powerful spells
same lol
If you leave him in the cage, you can later encounter him in Lucian's tomb. After killing him there, cast spirit vision, pass persuation check and he will give the character that talked to him an additional talent point.
I teleported all the bodies to the center of the room and then moved my aerothurge far out of the room. I triggered the fight and cast thunderstorm from a distance. The aerothurge didn't trigger the fight for some reason, the whole storm went through and killed all of Karon's minions.
One of my followers said the kid was suspicious so I hit him with tentacle lash. Saved me time!
Got no XP for killing him, just 96,950 for the completion of the quest :(
If you are having a problem with Karon, consider using deathfog. There's plenty of deathfog stash in the sewers, just break one next to Karon. The Mistake is actually him not being undead. The only problem is that you might need Tornado skill or steam to remove the deathfog.
i had a bug with his fight that if i start the fight than reload the autosave his PHY armor and MAG armor is gone