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A real classic.
agreed good sir.


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This is not the classing armor set for knights
Question, why does this use the female fluted armor? It's good too, but the male one is much more iconic.
Bcs tons of people (male players) only play as female characters, so it isn't importand for them. I personally hate those poeple
It's cause the guy uploading the pics just happened to collect the armors on a female character, it's got nothing to do with whatever that other guy is crying about
The female version of this armor is a travesty. Gender locked armor was a mistake and I'm glad they removed it in Dark Souls. Should've removed it for the remake as well.
the girl set in the remake looks pretty solid with the classic iron helm
I disagree.
Okay can we get images for both genders and not just female? Female fluted is quite honestly an ugly abomination compared to male fluted.



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Yea why is every armor picture female like is the guy who made this a pedo?


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I don't think "pedo" means what you think it means lol
you can get the male helmet on a female... if you kill the vangard in the tutorial
lmao imagine playing as a female character
I still play as male but there's literally nothing wrong with a playing a female char?
girls have COOTIES!
I think he meant that the female version of the helmet looked bad but idk
I got a PS5, gonna make it my duty to find a good place to screenshot the male fluted set. Both with iron helm and fluted helm. Anyone know a good place to screenshot so I can make the background transparent?
The remake version lost the dope helmet and unique style, 4/10 (and yes i know you can get the helmet after beating vanguard)