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Got this on one of the mages in the cave at Huntsman's Corpse on my first run through. Didn't realize it was that rare :D
You should play the lotto with that luck
Big pingus on the scringo!!!! Ogoogogoohohhhh hitler momma!!!!! Big daddy grandpa GOOGOO GAGAAAAAA!!!!!!
The best and worst aspect of this staff is that it is literally a lizard on a stick!
took me 35~ minutes by only killing one hollow mage see if its drop, if not then quit out, repeat. and also throw one alluring skulls before reaching the hollow mage to ease the process
I love the flavor text "However, if you're really that desperate, wanting to command skeletons to do your bidding, Yearn is the spell for you, you can lure them to destructible object to break them."