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Apparently this skill now works with invisibility the +50% bonus damage from stealth to a total of 185%, making it a very solid opener.
Or spend those 3 AP to do 180% damage with barrage, which doesn’t require stealth and can be split up to 3 times when needed.... This skill would be pretty good if it was 2 AP
Just treat it as an additional skill. At least it’s better than ur dmg per ap (from ur basic attack)
The skill here mentioned 135%, but 115% on the skill list. Which one is true?
Good opener if you set up. Not cost efficent for the rest of the fight.
Guerilla talent + Chloroform (finesse) + Assassinate (finesse) as a combat opener?
Not counting the source skills of course, pretty good skill to aggro the enemies or just open up fights in general, as the damage bonus works from sneak too. With a 5 turn cooldown, you'll probably not get a second chance to use this skill in later arcs, as most later fights don't last 5 turns, but on the odd chance that it does, it also pairs nicely with Chameleon Cloak, as the enemy AI tends to focus rangers.

Overall, not the most important huntsman skill to have, but if you have memory to spare it can be useful.
so i had a triple-ranger build one time, and in this very particular scenario, this skill is actually the best thing ever! To initiate the fight, i simply put all my rangers in sneak mode and use this skill one by one, which deals an insane amount of damage (2~3 shots to kill a melee opponent close to your level with high huntsman bonus), while still leaving you with 4 APs that round, and since you're already really far away from the fight, Ballistic Shot also deals insane damage. Consequently, you can usually kill 1 to 2 opponents in first round, rendering the rest of the fight a cake walk. This is by far the strongest build I've tried thus far lmao.