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Finally, I've found purified, concentrated gud that I must git
What if there was an actual reward for completing the gauntlet,

I’d say make it another mortal blade combat art that looks more acrobatic like Sakura dance or Floating passage.
I've been desperately trying to do this deathless. I easily would have done this first or second try if I had resurrection enabled, like most of you I'm sure. But doing every single boss without making a few mistakes in a row is quite difficult.

I've gotten up to inner isshin phase 2 and only just made a single slip up, all that progress gone. Best of luck to anyone else attempting it deathless!
Keep it up! Almost there!
This boss rush is something else. Except if you are Ongbal, who kills each boss in less than 2 minutes, the main difficulty is to be focused during 17 bosses, and so such a long time. Charmless and with demon bell, I can do almost in a row the 15 first regular bosses. But the inner versions hit hard... I still need some training!
I cannot believe I trained for days until I mastered every boss, defeated every gauntlet of strenght charmles + bell, spent more than an hour fighting 15 or so bosses just to earn: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Thanks From Software. I guess the real treasure was the PURE HATRED I made along the way...
I mean, there is a pop up telling you there is no reward as soon as you unlock it
Oh boy... another Pantheon of Hallownest... can’t wait....