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You can "activate" these like weapon arts. The damage did not change, however. Tested on embassy victims and Knights.
Failed to mention I only tested the Reflex one
It does actually increase damage if you upgrade the chip past level 1. You can see the damage boost multiplier by the reflex stat on the left when upgrading the weapon.
Does the weapon experience reset if i change the chip though? And does it get destroyed if i do change it?
The weapon experience gets reset but you can instantly level it back up to where it was if you have enough axions. And the other chip isn't destroyed, you can put it back or use it in another weapon if you want (the new weapon will level instantly to the level of the chip if you do so, if I'm not mistaken) ^^
Replying to my own reply :D
I thought you ment "weapon level" instead of "weapon experience", sorry. So, to answer your question, you keep the weapon experience even if you change the chip ^^
Can somebody explain if and how to upgrade upgrade chips?
press right on the d-pad at the upgrade station in the obervatory
*Weapon editor in the observatory
You upgrade them with the weapon editor in the Observatory and possibly others. Whenever you infuse it into a weapon, you can hit left or right to change the upgrade level. This costs axions however. The cost listed seems to be defective, and closer to the cost of the previous level.

This might differ if you already have it installed in the same weapon? I found Cost and Bonus do not really match up

They can be changed without destroyed and take up the first slot on the weapon experience bar, shouldn't affect the weapon experience.
It might cost the same amount of axions whenever you install it on a new weapon though, the editor doesn't really take into account if an inductor is already slotted into a weapon, it's just available.
Just realized I went all the way up to the final boss on NG without upgrading any weapons past +1
If i add a elemental (light, indiction radiation...) melee conductor to a weapon with physicak damage, the damage splits in the revarding element and physical.
Question: Is the physical part affected by the added cognition/ foresight scaling from the conductor?
If i use a induction conductor on a weapon with innate energy (light) damage, will the light damage scale with foresight?
After completing the game and trying some things out, especially with the light striker, i can answer my own question:

When the conductor adds an elemantal damage type the physical dmg is only affected by strength and/or reflex, while the new damage type is affected by all scaling attributes. This meams that it makes only sence for weapons that already have an element to be knducted with the same type, to generate a good amoumt of base dmg for that type. Elemental conductors on only physical weapons will perform very weak compared to a physical one on that weapon, even if the weapon had innate cognition/ foresight scaling (victim poker, thespian hook, etc.).
Best example is officer tules glaive, which has only 4 innate energy dmg and 0 cognition scaling. This weapon with an light conductor will outperform the thespian hook with an induction conductor. No matter hoe much foresight u will have for that build compared to the same amount of cognition for the tule glaive build
2 of your wiki entries have the same definition..
This wiki is pretty poor.

Light Shield Conductor
Radiocative Shield Conductor
Equip it on a shield at an Upgrade Station to improve defense against Radioactive damage.
Equip it on a shield at an Upgrade Station to improve defense against Radioactive damage.