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This is without a doing a reference to the previous games from Fromsoft. It is literally a BELL that makes the game HARDER. It’s a DEMON which loves Into your SOUL.
I don't know why but, I dislike this comment
This makes less than no sense
This is not THAT hard maker compared to giving kuro charm away
you are bautiful... so bautiful
The amount of mixed likes and dislikes here are both hilarious and disappointing to me because half of them are from MLG *******, the other half are people just trying to adjust to the difficulty of the normal game. Way I see it? Play your way and adapt your style to the challenge. It takes time but it works. Enjoy it for what you love and forget what anyone else thinks.
I used it, immediately sat down at the idol and soft locked, fixed itself after restarting the game
i rang the bell and have been playing w it active for about 2 hours and i notied better loot i already have a ton of prosthetic upgrade materials but i dont notice a change in enemy difficulty. is it a bug maybe?
Basic mobs dont really get more difficult, only bosses get substancial harder
At best it's a 20% increase in vitality and posture damage from bosses. Random mobs get stronger too but not significantly.
Maybe you've achieved "Git Gud" status and didn't know it.
You probably just got gud
I don't remember ringing this bell and don't remember reading this pop up and don't remember having this icon under my health bar and don't remember my moms name and don't remember who I am and... where am I?
Your in a emotional hell
This game is ok but repetitive, clunky and underwhelming, Nioh is the real deal combat-wise, it ruined all souls games to me :3
Are you smoking crack
Nioh really is tho. Try it first before you bash it, From boys. Much better than Sekiro.
I've played both Nioh games and they're pretty fun, but **** by comparison. Their level design and environments suck ***. They're often cramped, claustrophobic, and visually bland. Levels and enemies are recycled constantly and far too much of the game uses the same boring cave aesthetic. The stories are a worthless waste of time and jump all over the place without developing anything. Much less attention was paid to balancing them properly. They're full of anti-synergy, like the fact that you need heavy armor to block properly, but all the weapons that scale with strength and stamina have terrible block ratings. Enemies can stunlock you to death easily, and you can't dodge out, your only option is to block which will probably just guard break you and kill you instantly. Low stance is completely worthless on most weapons and the weapon categories are wildly unbalanced, with some being incredibly weak. In later missions, all the complexity of the combat is thrown out the window when they start spawning multiple bosses at once and the only option is to create a cheese build that can burst them down as they're spawning in because trying to fight them normally at the same time is impossible. The late game is a repetitive grindfest for random drops and a waste of your life. The fact that you called Sekiro repetitive by comparison makes me worried for you. From a thematic and artistic perspective they also pale in comparison.
^^This man
Are you ok? Do you have brain damage?
i agree, Anon, Nioh sucks massive monkee cocks.
nioh is a try hard money grab. suck rocks, fock faces..nniohs better... wtf
Agreed. Fromsoft is the most overrated developer in gaming history.
Every game is repetitive. It has to have core mechanix that you, well, REPEAT. Any game that goes from FPS to Action-RPG to Puzzle to Slice-of-Life visual novel would be terrible. Nioh is pretty fun, combat-wise (Team Ninja rox), but it just doesn't have that foreboding vibe that From games do. The tension, the dread, the threat. Everybody lauds Demon Souls, Dark souls -- yeah, yeah -- but, I grew up playing TENCHU; the REAL Fromsoft deal, kiddies. It scared me as a kid, it was bloody & methodical & just .. mature. I wasn't ready for Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. Now I have Sekiro -- the love child of Tenchu & Souls. Everybody's happy!
Nice 112 dislikes there bud. This was definitely a great comment.
Why can't people just like different games? You folk are all crazy :P
Nioh games are ok, but they're boring and content is repetitive, enemies are mostly the same, itemization sucks ***, environments are ****, lore and story aren't that great, characters aren't great nor memorable and combat is not very well made or balanced either. I could never bring myself to finish them, after playing Fromsoft games for so long it just ruined other games for me, nothing feels well made anymore because of how high Fromsoft raised my standards.
Nioh sucks ***
was this guy paid to say this
Nioh is a garbage hack'n'slash. You're dumb for comparing these two games
This bell is actually really good, especially at ng+7, where there is pretty much no increase in difficulty from it, and you get more item drops. Niceee
Lol, what exactly do you need item drops for in NG+++++++
So my question is, does it effect also Gauntlets of Strength in a same way? Like increased dmg and healt of bosses?
It does, and also, since it is gauntlets, there is no benefit from having it on. So only use it if you wish for an increase in difficulty.