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Ok I got a little bit of a glitch I got dawns truimph before I even killed alatreon I just did the special assignment quest and I got it not sure if it’s intended or a glitch in the the new update but at least I can get fatalis early. Also I’m kinda sad cause my brain is just gonna make me do the dawns triumph without actually experiencing the true alatreon first :/
Is there any reason to not do this quest with the weakened Alatreon over the original one?


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You can only do this quest once, and even tho you will get carve/break rewards, the quest rewards don't give Alatreon materials in this quest.
What does anyone recommend to beat this guy it feels impossible
Try using attacks! Go get'em tiger
be very aggressive and learn his attack patterns and use the proper element. thats about it sadly when it comes
I carted and abandoned the quest a lot before I beat him at around 6'30. His attacks are slow but deadly, but they have very obvious openings. I think the key is avoiding all his abilities. I am a hh user and I slot in evade window 4. I believe it's really helpful.

flinch shot and tenderizing are quite dangerous without rocksteady and temporal. Other than that, make sure to read his attack patterns. Here's a few. Most of his attacks has accurate hitboxes.

- 2-3 rows. You can just walk or roll, but remember to roll out of the zone.
- random spots. Usually it's quite easy to hit his forelegs or head when he channels.
- 5 advancing rows. You need to roll towards him. The pattern is fixed.

Another obvious opening is the three explosions fire attack. Roll to the center after the center has exploded, and punish. Bring astera jerky. Good luck!