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By Anonymous
the PING PING PING PING PING PING from repeatedly deflecting his flurry attack made me love this boss
By Anonymous
counter counter counter counter SPACE counter counter counter counter counter SPACE counter.
then sweeping perilous attack, jump to avoid it.
By Anonymous
Cameraman: Everyone says "Ashina!"
This guy: I'M A GIRAFFE!!!
By Anonymous
If you fight Sun-Un first as a lot of people will Giraffe is a joke in comparison - no adds, no fire.

Though both long arms are really easy once you understand how to deflect
By Anonymous
Exactly. This is literally the first boss I've beaten in one try in the entire game, although I came close to disaster in the end when a finger cramp almost prevented me from parrying fast enough. X)
By Anonymous
i was forced on how to parry more properly. you guys are right, he was easier to kill if parries were more well-timed, chipping his posture greatly
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