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I love it
He can be knocked down with artillery three times, not just twice.
I love this fight, but out of all the fights it's absolutely baffling that, lore wise, this one not only has a lower time limit, but any time limit.

"Hunter, here we make our stand against a monster of myth, that once burned this country from the map and will devastate the entire world if we can't stop it. No matter what, we must defeat it...as long as you can do it in 30 minutes or less. If not, we're gonna pull you out and just let it burn."

Could have at least made a cutscenes where it roasts you at the 30 minute mark or something.
He probably left a pizza in the oven and didn't want it to burn. I mean, what would you choose? The world or the pizza?
Me: Your already dead....

Fatalis: Uno reverse.

Me: NANI!!!!!!
wait there's four cannons? i only saw three. two of which are on the top platform, and the third one beside the barricade after fatalis used it's second nova attack


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You're correct, someone made a mistake, I'll correct it.
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Siege damage is wrong. Tested first topple in solo with and without Palico. 2392 was the closest to true value I could get using ballistae to finish it off. It took 7 cannonballs with Heavy Artillery (450x7 = 3150). It took 10 cannonballs + 7 different-quality ballistae shots without Heavy Artillery (225x10=2250 + 142 = 2392). There's clearly some kind of underling "true siege impact" going on per landed shot of any variety that is boosted by Heavy Artillery. Siege damage is not exactly equivalent to siege impact.


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killed him only 2 times, dont even know how many times ive died to him when hes below 10% health, gotta keep trying more ig
He's here for the hot fish and to whoop your ***.

And he's all out of hot fish.



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Soloed him before it even was a thing for the "big tubers" back then. When dudes like me where considered "gods" LoL! I'm just a skeleton! But what other choice did I have? I'm in no guild and non of my friends plays this game. So I tried and tried again. Day after day after day until I finaly got him. Then I farmed him for 2 weeks straight until I got all the stuff I need for my 2 chars. Male and female plus all the weapons and pendants. And I still believe thats the easy route. Imagine a random group that f ucks it up last minute. Or Afk-ers, disconnectors and griefers. In this battle? Madness. So I learned all its moves, knew exactly what would happen if Fatalis moves this or that way. How to deal with each situation until my average hunt was ~17min/1cart with my personal record of 11min (perfect wallbangs, no carts). And believe me I'm average at this game. Don't even know how to use mounts properly or most of the weapons. Just don't give up! ~OmegaPirate, GER, PS4